Prototype coverage for Advance, with updates to unseen objects and missing areas. Extra early footage for 7.

New unseen objects pages for MS7 and Advance. Small additions to unused graphics in MS2, MS4 and MS6.

New unseen objects pages for MS2, MSX, MS3, MS5, Advance. More unused graphics in MS7, and amendments to the planes in MS7 and MS2.

MS1's object swap code updated.

A brand new section for MS1, access to the totally unused translations in Metal Slug PS2, and now we know what dip 2-3 does on the debug page.

The debug page has info on how to access most of Advance's dipswitches, with amendments to the missing areas page. Updates to unused graphics for 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 1st Mission.

Translated an interview in the Metal Slug Official Guidebook. Unused graphics in 6 and 1st Mission, and small amendments to 2 and 3. Two new concept arts for 1, and we now know what Dip 2-6 is for!

Just a few teeny tiny updates: unused graphics in 1, 3, 2nd Mission, 5 and 6, some Advance info in the debug page, and some findings for X's missing areas and 3's unused sound.

The Debug Menu page has been revamped with ways to access MS7 and MSXX's debug menus; updated and new missing areas pages for those games respectively, plus new unused graphics for XX. Some more translations in concept art pages for 1, 2 and X.

Metal Slug 7's missing areas has been rejigged with new findings and a cleaner way of accessing them - and leftovers of a 2-player mode?! More early footage for the first game and a few new unused graphics for 1, 4 and 6.

New concept art for Metal Slug 2, and more art links for 1 and X.

Some unused graphics (1, 3, 4), some early footage (2, X), and new concept art links (and small note in missing areas) for Metal Slug 3.

Turns out the first Metal Slug has a level select and sound test after all! The debug page and missing areas have been updated accordingly, plus tiny additions to unused graphics.

New and awful mobile games page. Big expansion to the first game's early footage with unused graphics and info to match. Unused graphics in 2, X, 3 and 4, with a new page for 6. Small addition to 5's missing areas.

All concept art pages have been overhauled (plus new ones for 4 and 6). New info pages for 1 and 3D (both unfinished!). Some additions to all main-line unused graphics pages. Small changes to early footage for 1 and 5.

Some findings in MS1's unused graphics and early footage, and some small updates to 2's graphics, X's Missing Areas and 3's graphics.

A quick concept art page is up for Metal Slug 5. Some user-submitted findings under MS3's unused graphics, plus other minor additions to the same sections for 2, 5 and Advance.

Metal Slug 7's got some missing areas. The first Metal Slug has some early footage and a couple of relevant unused graphics.

Metal Slug Advance's unused areas have now been found! Also a couple of unused graphics and a bit of development history. MS5's out-of-bounds areas are also now documented.

The debug menu page has been completely rewritten with more info, now featuring dipswitches for the first Metal Slug and the debug menu for Metal Slug 6. All the missing areas pages have been updated with translations, and there's ones found in MS6, too. One extra unused graphic in the MS3 page, as well.

Oh hey, a new look!
All of the Unused Graphics pages have been given some manner of overhaul, from new content to simply streamlining things a bit.
Besides that, this is pretty much a straight port of the old site, so it's just as cluttered and disorganised as it's always been.

The walkthroughs have disappeared momentarily, but I aim to revamp them into a new format. Stay posted!
I'd like to broaden the scope of the site and make it more in-depth, but we'll just have to see what happens.


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