Items & Enemies

Weapons are supplied frequently throughout missions, allowing you to adapt to different kinds of situations with their varying styles of attack. As well as there being weapons scattered around each mission, there are several items you can collect which will help you in some way. Enemies should be self-explanatory.




  • SOLDIERS: These guys come in different colours, such as blue and yellow, but most of the time you'll see them in green. They have various attacks including pistol shots, throwing grenades, throwing rolling bombs, trying to cut you with a knife. Some soldiers have shields and will attack with either pistol shots or a sword swipe at close range. Some of these soldiers have rocket launchers or sit down launchers. Other soldiers include parachuting ones and ones with rubber rings.

  • MOTORBIKE SOLDIERS: Seen in mission 5 and the dungeon mission, these are easy-to-kill soldiers on bikes who move around quickly. Most of the time you will be able to avoid them.

  • DIVERS: These enemies usually pop up, throw a missiles, then go back down from where they came. They can be killed most of the time before they even get the chance to throw their missile. If they do throw their missile, just jump or duck to avoid it.

  • SMALL HELICOPTERS: These will attack with bursts of three shots. They usually move slowly but can be a pain to take out, especially if there is more than one on screen.

  • LARGE HELICOPTERS: These are bigger and will move slowly around the screen trying to drop bombs on you. They drop bombs in sets of three. They take more hits to destroy than the small helicopters but due to their slow attacks are still fairly easy to destroy.

  • ENEMY TANK: Tanks will roll around and fire two shells at you which do great damage. They can also hurt you by running into you. With a few grenades or special weapon blasts they will soon be destroyed.

  • HOMING MISSILE LAUNCHER: These are stationary launchers that will fire a missile that locks onto you. They can take a lot of hits but the missiles they fire can be destroyed.

  • SPIKED TANK: These have spikes on the front so if you touch the spikes you will get hurt. They can also fire homing missiles, but you can destroy them when they are fired. To blow this thing up easily, jump and throw a grenade so it hits the pilot. This enemy will destruct when this happens.

  • ENEMY PLANE: These have missiles that they will launch at you on sight. A shotgun blast will destroy them but with some other weapons they can take more than one hit.

  • WIRED SUBMARINE: Appearing only in Missions 2 and 5, these lock the screen and lower down, spewing a torpedo occasionally with a rocket launcher soldier on top as well. With a few grenades or a Shotgun, they should pose minimal threat.

  • SUICIDE BOMBERS: These guys will use swords at close range or will chuck grenades at you. When you kill them, they will drop to the floor and then produce a stick of dynamite and blow themselves up, which can damage you if you get caught in the explosion.

  • ALLEN Jr.: A mini boss of sorts in mission 5, Allen Jr attacks just like his dad in the arcade Metal Slug games. At first he will attack with bursts of fire from his machine gun and will also toss grenades. When he falls for the first time, he will get back up and try to attack you with a sword. Sadly, unlike his pop, you can't take his gun whenever he dies.

  • BIRD MASKED MEN: These primitive people will attack with axes and flaming sticks. The axe carrying ones will use their axe to shield themselves, but overall these enemies are easy to beat.

  • BATS: A mission 3 exclusive, bats will harm by colliding with you. They are annoying pests who get in the way but most of the time you'll be able to kill them easily.

  • TALL TANK: This kind of tank is tall and will fire rolling bombs. They can take a lot of hits but their attack is very easy to avoid.

  • TURRETS: These only appear twice in mission 2, and will fire flaming shots at you, which usually miss. The gun in the turret is the weak point.

  • LIGHTNING RODS: These are in part 2 route 2 of mission 5. They will conduct lightning that can hurt you and are indestructible, just avoid them.

  • MAGGOTS: Found first in mission 3, these are tiny little white things than only take one hit. They can shoot poison gas upward but they are nothing to worry about.

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