Unused Graphics

source: 1CA892

Thanks to PrivateCarl for the heads-up! Deep in Marco's graphics is an "H" weapon icon. "H" denotes the handgun, but there's never a weapon pick-up for it.

source: 184462, 186BA2

The junkyard boss in Mission 12 drops blocks of junk on the player, and there's an unused animation for them hitting the ground, but they're totally static in-game. There are also smaller versions in the graphic data that aren't seen either. Ta to PrivateCarl!

source: 181632

The soldiers hiding in bushes in the jungle stages will just explode when you kill them (because they're lugging missiles around with them? good luck identifying that during their attack animation!), but this unused frame suggests you'd see them before they explode. Ta to PrivateCarl again!

source: 1D8532, 1D8762

A soldier pointing out of a hatch. Intended for the battleship boss in Mission 4. Also ta to PrivateCarl!