Missing Areas

Metal Slug 2 has a very barebones level select. As in, there are no unused areas at all. Lame.
Thanks to candy76041820 for the name translations.





(サバク) コウサに ふかれて
(Desert) Blowin' in the Sand

Mission 1.


(イセキ) かなしみ モニュメント
(Historic ruins) Monument of Sadness

Mission 2 intro.


Entrance of the crypt.


Deep into the crypt.


(レッシャ) カゼの マドリガル
(Train) The Wind's Madrigal

Mission 3.


(ホンコン) プサンコウに かえれ
(Hong Kong) Return to Pusan

Mission 4.


(タウン) キス・インザ・ダーク
(Town) Kiss in the Dark

Mission 5: city streets.


Subway train tunnel.


The sewers.


(キョクチ) アイをイマ しんじていたい
(North Pole) Right Now, I Want To Believe In Love

Mission 6: snowy base.


Inside the enemy base.


Final boss arena.

The test areas are, as the name implies, areas for the crew to test out various things, such as scrolling, suggested concepts, and other such things. Sadly, Metal Slug 2 has outrageously boring areas.

Thankfully, all the areas are given semi-English names, so itís easy to remember them.

ANDY THE WIZARD contains is the final area of Mission 6, with a Metal Slug, an Armour Piercer, a Shotgun, a Rocket Launcher, a Flame Shot, a Laser Gun, and a single soldier there. However, this seems pretty pointless, considering you return to the Character Select when you choose a new area, losing whatever items and status affects you had.

YAMADA is the beginning of Mission 4, with a Slug Flyer, three aliens and Rumi Aikawa there. A little further ahead are five prisoners who all give you Rocket Launchers, but strangely, after you pass the first building, everything explodes, and it acts as if you completed a mission.

YOKO-SHU allows you to play around in the ending credits! If you hold down the jump, fire, or grenade button, the credits speed up.

ハマチャン YEH appears to be exactly the same as Mission 5, except you walk in instead of parachuting in.

KONDOU is an entirely empty version of Mission 1, with no background, oddly placed and missing pieces of the foreground, and other errors.

TAKADA is also Mission 1, but this has a background and is entirely empty, other than Rumi Aikawa and a red helicopter appearing right at the start, and later on thereís an invincible truck carrying a Metal Slug.

NAKATUKA is simply an empty version of the final part of Mission 6, but claims to be Mission 1.

TAGUCHI is simply an empty Mission 3, other than a few planes you fight at the beginning.