Missing Areas

Hats off to 이지우 (Lee Jiwoo) for unearthing the debug menu! See the debug menu page for details on how to access it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Metal Slug XX's level select is largely identical to Metal Slug 7, with leftovers as our only unused content. Boo.


Mission 1
1:1 スクラップ シマ 1
Scrap Island 1
Mission start. Junkyard.
1:2 スクラップ シマ 2
Scrap Island 2
Inside the junk.
1:3 スクラップ シマ 3
Scrap Island 3
Tanks and junk.
1:4 ボリントハイト・ボーラー
Borintheit Borer
1:5 タンコウ オク チカ ヨウサイ 5
Underground Fortress 5
Alternate path from 1:2.

Mission 2
2:1 モーデン グン タンコウ 1
Morden Army Coal Mine 1
Mission start. Lifts.
2:2 モーデン グン タンコウ 2
Morden Army Coal Mine 2
2:3 モーデン グン タンコウ 3
Morden Army Coal Mine 3
Sloped track with Slug Trolley.
2:4 ティーフ・ヴアッヘ
Tief Wache
2:5 モーデン デモ
Morden demo
Mission 1 boss cinematic.

Mission 3
3:1タンコウ オク チカ ヨウサイ 1
Underground Fortress 1
Mission start. Horizontal lift.
3:2タンコウ オク チカ ヨウサイ 2
Underground Fortress 2
Vertical lift.
3:3タンコウ オク チカ ヨウサイ 3
Underground Fortress 3
Rolling ball.
Wache Der Lache

Mission 4
4:1ナンゾ ノ ケンゾウ ブツ 1
Structures and whatnot 1
Mission start. Cliffside.
4:2ナンゾ ノ ケンゾウ ブツ 2
Structures and whatnot 2
Descending the cliff.
4:3ナンゾ ノ ケンゾウ ブツ 3
Structures and whatnot 3
Man-eating plants.
Waterfall boss
4:5タキボス クリア
Waterfall boss clear
Boss defeated.

Mission 5
5:1イセキ キチ ナイブ 1
Ruins Base Inside 1
Mission start. Parachuting in.
5:2イセキ キチ ナイブ 2
Ruins Base Inside 2
Descending the ruins.
5:3イセキ キチ ナイブ 3
Ruins Base Inside 3
First alternate path from 5:2.
5:4イセキ キチ ナイブ 4
Ruins Base Inside 4
Sloped path with laser cameras.
5:5イセキ キチ ナイブ 5
Ruins Base Inside 5
5:6イセキ キチ ナイブ 6
Ruins Base Inside 6
UNUSED. Dead end tunnel.
5:7イセキ キチ ナイブ 7
Ruins Base Inside 7
Biker tunnel, from 5:3.
5:8イセキ キチ ナイブ 8
Ruins Base Inside 8
Mars People tunnel, from 5:A.
Big boss
5:Aイセキ キチ ナイブ 10
Ruins Base Inside 10
Second alternate path from 5:2.

Mission 6
6:1キョクテン ノ ダイヨウサイ 1
Snowy Country Stronghold 1
Mission start. Snowy path.
6:2キョクテン ノ ダイヨウサイ 2
Snowy Country Stronghold 2
Cliff ascent with future soldiers.
6:3キョクテン ノ ダイヨウサイ 3
Snowy Country Stronghold 3
Uphill climb with sliding logs.
Slug Gigant debut
Entering the Slug Gigant.
6:5キョクテン ノ ダイヨウサイ 5
Snowy Country Stronghold 5
Slug Gigant attack.
6:6キョクテン ノ ダイヨウサイ 6
Snowy Country Stronghold 6
UNUSED. Black screen with Slug Gigant.
Surtr Vom Stahl

Mission 7
7:1スクラップ トウ フタタビ 1
Scrap Tower Again 1
Mission start. Entering the base.
7:2スクラップ トウ フタタビ 2
Scrap Tower Again 2
Inside the base.
7:3スクラップ トウ フタタビ 3
Scrap Tower Again 3
Climbing the gauntlet.
Last boss

7:2 ゲーム シュウリョウ
Game Over

Combat School (Mission 1)
9:1CS01:CS トクシュ 1-3Special Training A (avoid falling blocks)
9:2CS02:CS トクシュ 1-4Special Training B (destroy obstacles)
9:3CS03:CS トクシュ 1-2Special Training C (collect items)

Combat School (Mission 2)
9:4CS04:CS トクシュ 2-4Special Training A (destroy the air forces)
9:5CS05:CS トクシュ 2-4Special Training B (bounce the ball)
9:6CS06:CS トクシュ 2-3Special Training C (transport the ball)
9:7CS07:CS トクシュ 2-2Special Training D (collect the balls)

Combat School (Mission 3)
9:8CS08:CS トクシュ 3-2Special Training A (bounce the ball)
9:9CS09:CS トクシュ 3-1Special Training B (move the lift)
9:ACS10:CS トクシュ 3-2Special Training C (defeat all enemies)
9:BCS11:CS トクシュ 3-5Special Training D (enemy time attack)

Combat School (Mission 4)
9:CCS12:CS トクシュ 4-1Special Training A (collect items)
9:DCS13:CS トクシュ 4-4UNUSED. Mission 4 boss arena?
9:ECS14:CS トクシュ 4-3Special Training B (collect the balls)
9:FCS15:CS トクシュ 4-3Special Training C (defeat all enemies)

Combat School (Mission 5)
9:10CS16:CS トクシュ 5-2Special Training A (enemy time attack)
9:11CS17:CS トクシュ 5-5Special Training B (bounce the ball)
9:12CS18:CS トクシュ 5-5Special Training C (keep jumping)

Combat School (Mission 6)
9:13CS19:CS トクシュ 6-5Special Training A (Slug Gigant survival)
9:14CS20:CS トクシュ 6-1Special Training B (sinking snow survival)
9:15CS21:CS トクシュ 6-3Special Training C (sled chicken)
9:16CS22:CS トクシュ 6-5Special Training D (weaponless Slug Gigant survival)

Combat School (Mission 7)
9:17CS23:CS トクシュ 7-4Special Training A (platform time attack)
9:18CS24:CS トクシュ 7-4Special Training B (platform survival)
9:19CS25:CS トクシュ 7-4Special Training C (collect items on platforms)

FOR 1-01スクラップ シマ 1
Scrap Island 1
Identical to normal 1:1 stage.

5:6 Ruins Base Inside 6

A leftover from Metal Slug 7; a horizontal tunnel (the same map used for 5:7) filled with soldiers and the occasional enemy vehicle. Seemingly unchanged from last time, complete with slow-motion motorbikes, though the MV-280 jeeps are now invisible... except for their rockets and firing effects.

6:6 Snowy Country Stronghold 6

A totally black screen; exiting to the right leads to the boss fight with Allen O'Neill. Another MS7 leftover; it may not look it, but you're actually piloting the Slug Gigant on this screen!
Metal Slug XX appears to only load graphics that are intended to appear in that area. Using the level select to take the Slug Gigant or other vehicles out of their usual stages will render them totally invisible, but otherwise functional. This probably explains the invisible jeeps in 5:6.

9:D Combat School Special 4-4

Surprise, it's another dumb leftover! An empty duplicate of the Mission 4 boss arena with an invisible platform in the lower-left.