Unused Graphics

The PSP version of Metal Slug XX's graphics can be found in the DATA.BIN file in the USRDIR/ directory. Graphics are stored in "Linear" view with a 32-pixel wide canvas, and inside that as 16x16 tiles. Use TiledGGD to sort it out!

source: 8B56C0

It's that time again - new character, new pointlessly-converted animations! Leona's graphic set features lots of unedited frames of Eri's animations; here they converted three frames of the mysterious throwing-while-crouching animation, but not the actual throwing part.

source: 8C95C0

Only one frame of the unused firing-up-while-turning animation was carried over. The other frame is Eri's.

source: 8C9FC0

I don't think there's any places to drown in this game!

source: 8FC9C0

A variant of Leona's up-and-turning frame. The sprite in-game doesn't show her other arm supporting the gun.

source: 9057C0

Leona borrows Eri's ledge-wobbling animation, but cuts out the heart-clutching part when it plays in-game. The transitionary frame and machine gun version are unedited.

source: 91D3C0

As far as I can tell, Leona never gets her hands sweaty while firing the HMG. The mark of a true soldier!

source: 8C9BC0 (up w/pistol), 8FCFC0 (up w/HMG), 9441C0 (Eri victory)

Unused leftovers or unnecessary Eri conversions.