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What is Random Hoo Haas?

It's a big dumb website dedicated to whatever rubbish I think is neat. This includes such sophisticated pursuits as documenting video games and cartoons, rambling about media and history, and occasionally making some truly awful doodles.
If you want to be dumb and pedantic, Random Hoo Haas is the hub of several other projects that've bloated out of control throughout the years, including:

Metal Slug: Missing in Action, a site dedicated to the Metal Slug games and particularly their development, putting the spotlight on unused graphics, levels and code that don't appear in the finished game.

The Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place is an all-purpose Bomberman fansite, as you might have gathered, that foolishly attempts to catalogue every dang facet about the franchise, from games to media to merchandise to minutiae.

Random Action Hour is all about cartoon overviews and recaps. It, uh, meant a lot more in the days of pre-YouTube internet, but so it goes.

Other projects can be found on the main page or under Additional Impediamenta.

How old is Random Hoo Haas?

Random Hoo Haas slopped into existence on 28 October 2005 as a hilariously bad FrontPage document with little to no content, mostly a place to dump the dumb doodles and rambles I tormented friends with on IRC. It's now over a decade old and has somehow gotten even more niche!
As such, there's a loooot of pages written when I was even more of a clueless pillock than I am now, and probably don't reflect my opinions now. If there's anything especially objectionable, do let me know!

Who is Ragey?

Ragey's the internet handle of some schmuck called Mark from Northern Ireland who sincerely has nothing better to do with his time. His hobbies enjoys reading, hiking, and working on projects that never go anywhere. His dislikes include rewriting this F.A.Q. every five years.


Random Hoo Haas

[Q] Is there an update schedule?
Not really! I'll update when I've got something to update with!

[Q] May I use some of your content?
Ask me first, please!

[Q] I can't find a page anymore?
Either it's gotten renamed because I'm terrible at organising things, or it got removed because I wasn't happy with it.

[Q] Who hosts Random Hoo Haas?
Flying Omelette very graciously hosts all my rubbish and I don't thank her enough for it. Cheers, FO! I used to be hosted on TenchiOnline which used to be run by a good pal of mine, but has since changed hands.

Metal Slug: Missing in Action

[Q] How do I see all this stuff myself?
For unused areas, debug menus and whatnot, see the debug menu page, it should hopefully be instructive enough!
For unused graphics, you'll typically be using the tile viewer in WinKawaks or some other graphics data viewer. Maybe my sprite ripping tutorial will be updated sometime!

[Q] What's up with Metal Slug Advance Alpha?
It's a public domain ROM of an extremely basic engine test, featuring a badly-resized Marco and a screen from the first mission of Metal Slug. Folks kept thinking it was an official SNK Playmore prototype. It's not! It's 100% unofficial and developed by "BarfHappy". Mercifully, it seems to have dropped off the face of the internet.

[Q] How old is Metal Slug: Missing in Action?
I'm not even sure anymore! It originally began as a Microsoft Word document - of all things! - hosted on the Metal Slug Database around November 2004, before shambling over to Random Hoo Haas around 2005, I think.

[Q] Are you in contact with Enomosiki?
Nada! After the Metal Slug Database effectively closed in September 2011, Enomosiki's just buggered off completely. The concept art sections are partially built from his section on Metal Slug Database, Missing Concepts in Action, with his comments and contributions left somewhat intact.


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