Unseen Objects

Given its topsy-turvy development cycle and sheer number of unused graphics, it should be no surprise there's unused code lurking around inside the game.

A big cheers to Mr_Beacon00 (信标先生) for working out a way to see these! His code replaces the crate near the start of Mission 1 with whatever object ID is assigned. To see these for yourself, it requires the usage of Cheat Engine 6.83 and this .CT address table. It's optimised for use with WinKawaks 1.65.

To use:

If there are numbers under the Values column, success!
If not, double-click the Address of the cheats and confirm that the .EXE file under Pointer matches the .EXE at the top of Cheat Engine's window. If the Address is "WinKawaks.EXE+473300" but the window says "WinKawaks 1.65.EXE", you'll have to add that "1.65" to it!

This code will modify the object ID of the crate at the start of Mission 1, but only when it is off-screen, before it has 'loaded' into the level; no change will occur while the object is on-screen.
"Obj" is the primary object ID, while "Sub ID A", "B", etc., are modifiers that vary from object to object; some will change enemy behaviour, some determine what objects crates and prisoners are holding, movement speed, direction, and other properties.
For best results, make a save state before the crate appears so you can quickly change values, and set all Sub IDs to 0.

Another big shout-out to Ivo for investigating and compiling the ID list at the bottom of the page!

ID: 80

A variant of the kamikaze bikers seen in Mission 5; these ones have a sidecar whose passenger throws grenades high in the air as they drive past.

ID: 160

An elk. When Sub ID A is set to 0, it looks left. At any other value, it looks at the screen. It's otherwise a background detail that cannot be interacted with.

ID: 171

An unused gatling gun that once belonged to the Mission 1 boss! It can be mounted like any other turret by jumping onto it, transforming the player into a white soldier! It fires three slow bullets automatically once mounted, and again every five seconds. It cannot be fired manually, and no points are awarded for killing enemies with it.

ID: 193

An unused rocket turret that once belonged to the Mission 1 boss. Like ID 171, you turn into a white soldier when riding it, but this one is fully under the player's control - it can turn left or right and fire an infinite number of missiles on command. The missiles only detonate when hitting enemies, otherwise they just phase through the ground.
The direction the missiles fire doesn't line up with where the turret is facing - in fact, it only seems to fire correctly when you don't change its default direction!

If Tarma mounts either of these turrets, the soldier's palette will be yellow/brown.

ID: 180

A little otter. A background detail that can't be interacted with.

ID: 181

A little flopping fish. A background detail that can't be interacted with.

ID: 199

A running lady from Mission 5, in an otherwise unseen red palette. All villagers have palettes in teal, blue and red.

ID: 209 ~ 219

This group of IDs runs through all the villager children - crying, running, shirtless, and bug catcher, in teal, blue and red palettes. Only the crying and bug catcher kids are seen in-game during the ending, and only in blue and red palettes respectively.

ID: 222 ~ 226

These IDs feature totally unused NPCs intended for Mission 5 or the ending sequence. The first comes in three colours, while the latter two only in red. They have no animation and are totally static.

ID: 277

Beige platforms; 276 is flat, while 277 is a diagonal block. Likely used for preliminary environment building. The flat platform appears in 9 Stage and can be moved around, but I can't find that function for these ones.

ID: 292

It's the Metal Slug! Changing the Sub ID B will change how its vulcan behaves, locking it in one direction and only allowed to turn 45 directions away from it. Value 0 is up, 1 is left, 2 is down, and 3 will make it behave like normal; there's no option to lock it facing right.

ID: 318

The Metal Slug's ejected turret. Normally the turret flies into the air and explodes when the Slug is destroyed, but this one has a downward arc and has collision with terrain. The game freezes when this object touches the ground though, but if you're lucky you may see a frame or two of its unused animation.

The IDs below are listed in decimal. Cheers to Ivo for cataloguing and describing these.
0 Panicked running rebel
1 Rebel tip toes back and forth, likes throwing grenades
2 X (unknown)
3 X (unknown)
4 Rebel laughing/taunting L
5 Rebel lauhging/taunting R
6 Rebel run, prone toss mine, flee. Mine is harmless on foot?
7 ^
8 Rebel gets close, spams jumping knife attack
9 ^
10 ^
11 ^
12 Rebel gets close, jump knifes (some times he falls through the level after killing me), then sometimes switches to grenades?
13 ^
14 ^
15 ^
16 ^
17 ^ Same as above, except this one likes throwing mines.
18 ^
19 ^
20 Cautious rebel, then gains confidence and begins frequently attacking with rollers
21 ^ Same except with the firework rockets
22 ^ same except both firework rockets and rollers. Switches between the two
23 Vine slider R > L, knife jumps, will eventually get scared and run away after failed attackss
24 Vine slider L > R, looks like he wants to jump onto a tank. knifes if you get close, eventually runs away
25 Vine slider R > L. Immediately goes into a run animation after letting go of the vine, slowly falls from gravity. Likes doing the "sneak" animation, and throwing grenades
26 ^ except L > R
27 crouched "ready" soldier. Goes into crouched panic if you get close, panic runs if you shoot nearby
28 Hanging rebel facing L Continuously throws grenades
29 Missile turret rebel
30 Siren rebel
31 Window rebel, throws grenades
32 ^
33 ^
34 Window rebel hanging arm out of window looking stupid. When you get close he notices you and resumes standard window rebel procedure
35 Window rebel "lookout". Gets shocked if you approach
36 Window rebel waving his finger. Notices if you approach
37 Window rebel going "huh" Notices if you approach
38 Window rebel laughing, notices etc
39 Window rebel laughing, but the animation is choppy because it goes from the last frame to the first frame instead of reversing the animation
40 Rebel coming out of a door L > R, cautious then throws grenades
41 ^, rebel runs at player and jump knives. Saw him randomly go prone once as well.
42 Rebel crawling out of hatch L > R, cautious, throws grenades
43 ^ cautious, then jump knives
44 Rebel panic running out of door L > R, scared
45 Rebel running out of door R > L, throws grenades
46 ^ except jump knife
47 Rebel crawls out of hatch R > L, cautious, throws grenades
48 ^ except jump knife
49 Rebel panic running out of door R > L, scared
50 Stationary Dikokka, has rpger, permanent wreck
51 ^ except no rpg
52 Stationary dikokka, no rpg, wreck explodes
53 Melty honey, no shield, very weak, jump knifing rebel bails out of it, and the wreck is permanent
54 ^
55 ^
56 mini ufo going left
57 mini ufo going left, but extremely choppy movement
58 mini ufo going left, more bobbing
59 bullchan driving into position if destroyed another one will replace it
60 girida on landseek. If landseek is destroyed before girida, girida will drive off. Permanent landseek wreck
61 ^
62 256 hill bunker, no top turret
63 ^
64 Girida destruction animation(??)
65 Stationary girida
66 Iron iso, neutral turret permanent wreck
67 Iron iso aiming left permanent wreck
68 ^
69 Iron iso neutral turret permanent wreck
70 Iron iso aiming left permanent wreck
71 ^
72 Iron iso aiming left permanent wreck
73 ^
74 ^
75 Flying tara, blue, missile
76 Bazooka motorcycle going right
77 Bazooka motorcycle going left
78 suicide motorcycle going right
79 suicide motorcycle going left
80 suicide motorcycle with sidecar going right. Sidecar throws grenades
81 suicide motorcycle with sidecar going left. Sidecar throws grenades
82 Motorcycle going right does wheelie, rider bails and runs away, motorcycle splashes into water
83 ^ except left
84 X (unknown)
85 X (unknown)
86 Girida (driving)
87 ^
88 ^
89 ^
90 girida driving to player position, aiming up
91 ^ except aiming "down"
92 girida driving near player position, aiming up
93 ^ except aiming "down"
94 Rebel innertube
95 ^ except it appears at the players current position
96 bazooka rebel
97 ^
98 ^
99 Bazooka rebel crawling out of hatch
100 ^
101 ^
102 Bazooka rebel
103 ^
104 Bazooka rebel sprinting at player, when close switches animation to stepping animation, runs past player, crouches, stands and fires blindly at nothing
105 ^ same except instead of crouching he jumps off screen
106 Bazooka parachute
107 ^
108 shield rebel (orange) turns into a scared green rebel and drops a medal when the shield is blown away
109 ^
110 Snowball rebel L > R
111 hairbuster ribberts arrives on the screen
112 small background hairbuster ribberts R > L
113 ^ L > R
114 Shoe and Karn (purple and grey)
115 Shoe? Brown R > L
116 ^ L > R
117 tani-oh
118 Iron nokana
119 Missile heading straight down
120 Morden Hi-do final boss
121 Morden Hi-do destroying the bridge
122 outhouse
123 ^
124 ^
125 Rebel lounger - soda
126 rebel lounger - newspaper
127 Rebel campfire, rebels immediately panic and flee
128 rebel campfire, rebels ignore
129 riverboat
130 riverboat with loungers
131 riverboat
132 X (unknown)
133 256 bunker, bazooka bottom cannon top - spiked
134 256 bunker, bazooka top, cannon bottom, spiked
135 256 bunker, cannon top, spiked
136 256 bunker, bazooka top, spiked (bazooka idle clips through the structure)
137 Flying tara's from the submarine sequence
138 Darin - stationary
139 darin, driving left and dumping i-beams
140 darin reversing
141 scuba diver
142 R-Shobou that shows up, hovers for a second, then flies off screen
143 X (unknown)
144 Sandbags (tall)
145 ^
146 Sandbags (short)
147 ^
148 ^
149 Car (blue)
150 ^
151 X (unknown)
152 X (unknown)
153 dog
154 dog
155 dog sniffing then running
156 Credits Morden
157 Gun grave with flowers - Only animates after touching player
158 Gun grave - no flowers - only animates after touching player
159 Satiko Suzuki - hat flys off after touching player
160 deer
161 bird pecking ground
162 bird flying upward
163 bird pecking ground
164 bird standing on ground
165 fly
166 fly
167 dolphin
168 stick grenade rebel that is frozen in place (killable)
169 frozen running rebel
170 rebel scared then frozen stick nade
171 unused boss 1 machine gun turret
172 POW (sitting) (drops nothing)
173 POW (rope) (rope causes massive lag)
174 Civilian man running (blue)
175 ^ except hes coming out of a building
176 Chef that keeps bumping into the rock that he spawned into
177 ^
178 ^ except he spawns outside of the rock, slams into it, turns and runs away super fast
179 ^ except he comes from a building
180 unused otter
181 unused flopping fish
182 bird
183 small debris
184 squirrel
185 Dead fish with lots of flies
186 lone fly that flies randomly
187 the previous but doesn't stray as far
188 rainbow
189 blinking star 1
190 blinking star 2
191 shooting star
192 Pow (stake)
193 unused boss 1 cannon turret - player mountable and aimable
194 rebel runs past
195 running woman (Mission 4)
196 ^ but faster
197 running woman (2P ending)
198 ^ but faster
199 ^ but wearing red (unused)
200 ^ but faster
201 teal woman coming out of building
202 ^ but fast
203 Blue woman coming out of building
204 ^ but fast
205 red woman coming out of building
206 ^ but fast
207 cat lady
208 kid - injured - teal
209 kid - running - teal
210 kid - shorts - teal
211 kid - bug net - teal
212 kid - injured - blue
213 kid - running - blue
214 kid - shorts - blue
215 kid - bug net - blue
216 kid - injured - red
217 kid - running - red
218 kid - shorts - red
219 kid - bug net - red
220 man, pantless, shocked when player runs past
221 underwear washing woman, looks when player runs past
222 unused woman teal
223 unused woman blue
224 unused woman red
225 unused woman 2
226 unused woman 3
228 shooting a golden rebel makes it use that hit sprite
229 ^
230 dead rebel
231 dead dikokka
232 dead melty honey
233 ^
234 dead bull chan
235 dead landseek
236 dead girida
237 dead girida (slope)
238 ^ alt
239 dead iron-iso
240 dead slug (gold)
241 dead slug (gold) 2
242 toilet
243 golden slug driving left
244 credits (flies up really fast)
245 Satiko Suzuki (screen-locked to top-right corner)
246 Go! sfx (heard but not seen)
247 x (unknown)
248 GO! sign
249 Grenade spamming rebel
250 x (unknown)
251 x (unknown)
252 saluting reb
253 branch
254 cloud 1
255 cloud 2
256 cloud 3
257 cloud 4
258 explosive barrels (bridge)
259 explosive barrel (yellow)
260 explosive barrel (big red, cant shoot)
261 Mission 1 dock rock
262 small wooden platform?
263 Messes up the camera, can see beyond normal limits
264 x (unknown)
265 Arrow sign
266 x (unknown)
267 snow level lift (raises and lowers)
268 snow level destroyable gate (vanishes after 1 frame)
269 APC
270 red sea mine
271 electric coils from mission 2
272 sandbags (tall)
273 sandbags (short)
274 soldier flying towards screen (yeeeaaaaargh)
275 x (unknown)
276 that one unused basic platform
277 basic unused edge
278 ^
279 ^ (red)
280 ^
281 rebel running to player, standard knife, but refuses to turn around if you dodge R > L
282 ^ L > R
283 submarine machine gun
284 heavy machine gun pickup (1 shot)
285 rocket launcher pickup (1 shot)
286 shotgun pickup (1 shot)
287 flame shot pickup (1 shot)
288 heavy machine gun pickup (200 shots)
289 ammobox pickup
290 grenade pickup
291 gas pickup
292 metal slug but the mg can only aim in the rear
293 wooden box (drops a HMG)
294 doll
295 doll (bear)
296 rose
297 medal
298 letter
299 turkey
300 canned food
301 pig
202 frog
303 coin
304 medal in frame
305 bread
306 mushrooms
307 fruit
308 bird nest
309 snake R
310 fish flopping
311 cat
312 monkey
313 monkey 2
314 old man in rags
315 poo
316 x (unknown)
317 snake L
318 metal slug machine guns flopping on ground (causes freeze)
319 basic platform
320 x (unknown)
321 x (unknown)
322 x (unknown)
323 x (unknown)
324 x (unknown)
225 x (unknown)
326 x (unknown)
327 x (unknown)
328 Allen (doesnt drop HMG on death)
329 game crash