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22 March 2018

What's on the table for the new year's first update? Lots of merchandise, for one thing! There's new toy pages for Bomberman B-Daman and B-Daman Bakugaiden V, as well as trading cards and figurine collectibles. Candy toys has quintupled in size, Jetters merch has extended Bashoot and Menco Stadium coverage, and there's a few new details added to keshigomu.

And the rest of the update is just stuff that's been lying around for way too long. There's also a new articles section with an exciting page for cameo appearances and a shockingly less exciting page for name translations. Hopefully it'll get fleshed out in future! Fantasy Race has some trivia and regional changes, and there's some reference added to Bomberman Live: Battlefest, Bomberman Chains and Bomberman World.

Lastly, the font's been changed from MS Gothic to Trebuchet. That'll mean a lot to at least one person out there!

31 December 2017

One more before the new year, why not. A small page for the unreleased Bomberman 2001.

13 December 2017

Just fleshing out the place a bit before the year ends.

New game pages!
Super Bomberman R (just media & reviews for now)
Virtual Bomberman (new write-up with hi-res images)
Bomberman Quest (still missing a few bits but all the gameplay guff is there)
Bomberman Generations (manuals and reference, nothing exciting)

The media index has been shuffled around, and there's new media - with comics!
Bomberman Bakuretsu School Wars
Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bakuretsu Bomberman
Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters
Bomberman Story: An Omen of Conflict!!
Plus related book pages for:
PC Comic World
Game Player Comics
Reference updates and other tweaks:
Atomic Bomberman (magazines)
Baku Bomberman (reviews, media and magazines)
Bomber Boy (new info write-up, magazines and miscellaneous fixes)
Bomberman (PC Engine) (media & reviews)
Bomberman II (magazines)
Bomberman '93 (magazines, regional changes & passwords)
Bomberman '94 (media)
Bomberman Act:Zero (reviews, media and magazines)
Bomberman Hero (media and magazines)
Bomberman Story (magazine)
Lode Runner (manual)
Saturn Bomberman (manual, websites and magazines)
Super Bomberman (manual, media and magazines)
Super Bomberman 2 (media)
Super Bomberman 3 (media)

New merch pages for keshigomu and Jetters tie-ins, plus small updates to soft toys and candy toys.

There's also some general fixes here and there, including fixing some broken links and tweaking the CSS a touch. Oh, and the main page sidebar has been updated from a measly five "good pages" to a Javacript randomiser! Now you can remind yourself how unfinished the site is with incredible ease!

It only took six years, but all the content from the old directory has been ported. It's been deleted and now redirects here; update your links if you haven't already!