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29 June 2018

It may look like there's a lot in this update, but there's not a lot of stuff - mostly just housecleaning and laying out placeholder pages for stuff I'd been sitting on for too long.

The media section has been tidied up a little, with lots of manga shuffled off on their own pages now (see right), though they're still pretty light on info. Notable new pages include Thanks For The Courage, Bomberman, Famicom Rocky and Super Bomberman.

B-Daman Bakugaiden
B-Daman Bakushoden
Bakuhatsu Family
Hidden Character Discovery Technique
Minasaaan! Bomberman desuyo!!
Saturn Bomberman
Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters
Super Bomberman Secret File
Super Bomberman 2 Marukatsu
Touch! Bomberman Land

Merchandise has a brand new page for Bakugaiden I, and updates to existing pages:
Bomberman B-Daman: New entry for the Hudson Original Limited toy, plus extended Medalman info and a translated bio or two.
Candy toys: New entries for 16-Piece Puzzle, Aso Bomberman, Battle Mode Game, Bomber Game City and Yokodori Game, plus a new image for Ramuneman.
Cards: New entries for Bomberman Wars and Super Bomberman.
Keshigomu: Added an incomplete checklist for the stickers.
Jetters toys: Badge!
Toys: New entries for Karaman Bomber, Detekoi Bomberman , Bomberman figure, Gacha-Bom, Acryllic Key Holder, and a big pile of unidentified gubbins.

A bunch of books have gotten placeholder pages just to link to their downloads. Notable pages include Bomberman Bakuretsu Great Book, and a translated interview in New Bomberman Complete Encyclopedia!

B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory no Michi Perfect Book
Totally Unauthorized Guide to Bomberman 64
Famicom Super Technique Manual
Game Surefire Victory Series 14
Bomberman 4-Koma Gag Battle
Bomberman 4-Koma Manga Kingdom
Panic Bomber W Winning Strategy
Bomberman Wars Official Guide Book
Bomberman World Official Guide Book

The cameos article has updated with Populous and Super B-Daman, plus some new info and imagery here and there.

Chucking up some placeholder game pages to house some manuals or other minutiae. Saturn Bomberman has coverage of the demo, XBand version and early footage; Saturn Bomberman Fight!!'s gameplay and reference is extended; Panic Bomber W has rough translations of all the game's dialogue now; and Bomberman Collection now covers the Korean version a little.

B-Daman Bakugaiden: Victory Road
Bomberman B-Daman
Bomberman Collection (PC)
Bomberman Kart
Bomberman (N-Gage)

Bomberman Online
Bomberman Land
Bomberman Land 3
Custom Battler Bomberman
Hudson Best Collection
Touch! Bomberman Land 2

Would you believe there's new mobile game coverage? There's new pages for Bomberman Kart Special and Bomberman Kart 3D, plus new reference material for Super Bomberman and Bomberman RPG.

E3's come and gone with some Bomberman news: Bomberman is an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for one thing. Konami's iOS game Mah-Jong Fight Club SP continues its Bomberman crossover (that I still need to document!) -- now with Pop Team Epic along for the ride?! And Super Bomberman R has launched on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam with an absurd amount of new characters. I still haven't even bought the game and likely won't be covering it for some time, but Plasma Captain's newly launched Bomberpedia has some terrific in-depth information!

In sad news, Shoji Mizuno (水野祥司), longtime character designer and visual director for the Bomberman series, passed away on June 9th 2018; this was reported by Katsuyuki Kodera, director of the Bomberman Jetters anime and fellow ex-Hudson Soft staffer @rurarbou_new. You can read more over at Bomber Base.

22 March 2018

What's on the table for the new year's first update? Lots of merchandise, for one thing! There's new toy pages for Bomberman B-Daman and B-Daman Bakugaiden V, as well as trading cards and figurine collectibles. Candy toys has quintupled in size, Jetters merch has extended Bashoot and Menco Stadium coverage, and there's a few new details added to keshigomu.

And the rest of the update is just stuff that's been lying around for way too long. There's also a new articles section with an exciting page for cameo appearances and a shockingly less exciting page for name translations. Hopefully it'll get fleshed out in future! Fantasy Race has some trivia and regional changes, and there's some reference added to Bomberman Live: Battlefest, Bomberman Chains and Bomberman World.

Lastly, the font's been changed from MS Gothic to Trebuchet. That'll mean a lot to at least one person out there!