Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters

Title (Japanese)

爆裂!! ボンバーマンジェッターズ

Title (translation)

Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters

Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters (which roughly translates to "Bang!! Bomberman Jetters") was a gag comic authored by Matsuhara Tomofumi (まつばらともふみ) and published in adolescent manga magazine Monthly CoroCoro Comic (月刊コロコロコミック). It ran from September 2002 to March 2003, ending after seven episodes. [src] Its slot was filled by Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters.

A jokey adventure comic, featuring the Jetters cast of characters in light-hearted, hot-headed adventures, but has little in common with the established canon. It is notable for being the very first Jetters media to be released, coming out a couple of weeks before the first episode of the anime was broadcast. (the manga was made to promote the TV show - don't go thinking the whole Jetters franchise was built around this!)

1 ・ ?
2 ・ 笑いの爆弾大爆発!! 守るぞ宇宙の平和と正義!!
Bomb-Blasting Buffoonery!! We'll Uphold Peace And Protect The Universe!!
3 ・ シロボン特製ラーメンめしあがれ!!
Serving Up Shirobon's Special Ramen!!
4 ・ 侵入者発見!! 主人公のくせに あやしいヤツ!!
Intruder Detected!! For A Protagonist, He's One Shady Guy!!
5 ・ みんなで食べよう シロボンモチ!!
Let's Eat, Shirobon-Mochi!!
6 ・ ウワサのアイシが登場!!
The Man Whose Eyes Everyone's Talking About!!
7 ・ シロボンVSマックス 爆闘クライマックス!?
Shirobon vs. MAX - Explosive Climax!?

[i'm missing CoroCoro Comic September 2002 - if anyone has it, please contact me!]
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