Book list

Making a list of every Bomberman game isn't too difficult, but making a list of every Bomberman related publication in existence? Haha! Ha! Hahahahahaha!!

This is incomplete as all get out. At the moment, the list only covers game guides - how I'm going to organise manga, colouring books and other works is going to confound me something fierce.



Bomberman (Game Surefire Victory Series 14) 02-1986
Hudson Secrets Volume 1: Victory! Amazing Tricks / Great Strategies 03-1986
Bomberman (Famicom Super Technique Manual) 04-1986
Bomber Boy Complete Capture Book 10-1990
Super Bomberman Hudson Official Guide Book 05-1993
Super Bomberman 2 Hudson Official Guide Book 05-1994
Bomberman Maniax 05-1995
Super Bomberman 3 Hudson Official Guide Book 05-1995
Super Bomberman Complete Encyclopedia 08-1995
Super Bomberman 4 Hudson Official Guide Book 05-1996
Saturn Bomberman Hudson Official Guide Book 09-1996
Super Bomberman 5 Hudson Official Guide Book 03-1997
Baku Bomberman Official Guide Book 11-1997
Prima's Unauthorized Guide to Bomberman 64 01-1998
Saturn Bomberman Fight!! Perfect Program Official Edition 01-1998
Bomberman World Official Guide Book 02-1998
Pocket Bomberman Official Guide Book 02-1998
Bomberman Wars Official Guide Book 04-1998
Bomberman Hero Official Guidebook 06-1998
Bomberman World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide 10-1998
Bomberman Fantasy Race: Official Racer's Guide 11-1998
Bomberman Quest Official Guidebook 01-1999
Baku Bomberman 2 Official Guide Book 01-2000
Bomberman Max: Light Hero / Dark Warrior Official Guidebook 03-2000
Bomberman Land Official Guide 12-2000
Bomberman Story Official Guide 04-2001
Bomberman Kart Official Guide Book 01-2002
Bomberman Generation Official Guide Book 07-2002
Bomberman Jetters: The Legendary Bomberman Official Guide Book 10-2002
Bomberman Land 2: Ultimate Play Explosive Guide Book 07-2003
Bomberman Jetters Game Collection: Ultimate High Score Explosive Guide Book 10-2003
Bomberman Kart DX Official Guide Book 04-2004

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