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  • From the word go, Bomberman Jetters was designed to be multimedia and marketing sensation, releasing multiple lines of competition-orientated figurines and card games!

    Bashoot is a series of small plastic figurines (approximately 3cm tall) mounted on customisable platforms referred to as discs (ディスク). The disc is comprised of three parts: the top base (トップベース), the battle ring (バトルリング), and the bottom base (ボトムベース); the figurine on top is referred to as the chip (チップ) and rotates into the peg on top.

    The intended play pattern is to use the Easy Shooter (イージーシューター) to launch the figures, which can be equipped with different battle rings and bottom bases to make them strike harder or roll differently. The pack-in leaflet suggests racing them around a track or a relay game; the Bashoot Shooting Stage Set also includes playing boards that presumedly add a tactical element to the game.

    Modding Parts Booster / 改造パーツブースター

    (src: grwkg650)

    Small blind boxes containing 1 coloured disc, 1 figurine, and 1 customisable part. Each box has three possible figurines and either three or four possible parts. Released from October 2002 to early 2003 and retailed for 380 yen. [src]





    01 ボトム改造パーツ
    Bottom Mod Parts
    ・ Shirobon (w/ bomb)
    ・ Mighty
    ・ Gangu (w/ tools)
    ・ plastic roller
    ・ anchor
    ・ metal roller
    ・ slope
    02 リング改造パーツ
    Ring Mod Parts
    ・ MAX (w/ bomb)
    ・ Fire Bomber (w/ bomb)
    ・ Mermaid Bomber
    ・ rubber ring
    ・ metal ring
    ・ cheap roller
    ・ DX metal ring
    03 ボトム改造パーツ
    Bottom Mod Parts
    ・ Louie
    ・ Birdy
    ・ Mighty
    ・ ?
    ・ ?
    ・ ?
    04 リング改造パーツ
    Ring Mod Parts
    ・ Hige Hige Bandit Grunt
    ・ Thunder Bomber
    ・ Grand Bomber (w/ bomb)
    ・ ?
    ・ ?
    ・ ?

    Starter Set / スターターセット

    Starter Sets provide all the essentials for basic play: 5 figurine chips, 5 discs (one pre-assembled, the rest on sprues), and an Easy Shooter with spring, head and flame attachment. Released October 2002, retailed for 980 yen. [src]




    01 ジェッターズチーム
    Jetters Team
    ・ Shirobon
    ・ Shout
    ・ Birdy
    ・ Bongo
    ・ Gangu
    01 バグラーズチーム
    Buglers Team
    ・ Bagura
    ・ MAX
    ・ Thunder Bomber
    ・ Fire Bomber
    ・ Grand Bomber

    Bashoot Shooting Stage Set

    Released November 2002, retailed for 2980 Yen. Contains translucent blue versions of the ten figurines from the two Starter Sets, two Easy Shooters, ten discs, and three playing boards.

    (src: Rakuten)

    Special Box / バシュット福箱

    [has anyone got more detailed information on this?]

    Released early 2003, retailed for 1000 Yen. Contains "Pearl White" Shirobon and "Clear Type" MAX figurines, and more?


    Bakuretsuman is a series of soft-plastic figures (approximately 6 to 7cm tall) that mount on hard-plastic bases with a detachable articulated disc-firing arm, allowing them to swivel and turn. The objective of the game is to strike the pressure plate on the opponent's figure's chest, which pops its torso off. Alternately, the disc-firing feature can be used for target practise or to perform trick shots.

    Released November 2002. All figures retailed for 680 yen. [src]

    • 01 Bakuretsuman Shirobon / バクレツマン シロボン
    • 02 Bakuretsuman MAX / バクレツマン マックス
    • 03 Bakuretsuman Mighty / バクレツマン マイティ
    • 04 Bakuretsuman Thunder Bomber / バクレツマン サンダーボンバー

    Included in each package is:

    • 1 x Bakuretsuman body (バクレツマン本体) (3 parts: torso, legs & pressure plate)
    • 1 x base (台座)
    • 1 x shooter arm w/ disc (シューター)
    • 5 x cardboard Bomb Plates (ボムプレート) w/ pressure plate sticker

    Beast Shooter (ビーストシューター) is a franchise from Konami of squat plastic toys around 4.5cm tall that roll around on "cores" exposed beneath their flat bases. These cores could be swapped out to change how the toy would roll: known cores include centre core (センターコア), a large marble; dash core (ダッシュコア), a rolling wheel; and cap core (カープコア ), a static display base.

    The toys are packaged with an Attack Shooter (アタックシューター) for launching them forward, as well as thematic targets to knock down or use as obstacles. The instruction manual proposes a number of possible play styles, split into "speed type", "power type" and "skill type":

    The Versus Field (BM-04) boxset includes a playing mat that seemingly adds a grid-based play style into the mix.

    BM-01 and BM-02 retailed for 680 Yen. [src]
    BM-04, BM-05 and BM-06 retailed for 780 Yen. [src]
    BM-03 retailed for 1980 Yen. [src]
    The first four toys were released on November 21st 2002 [src], while the rest were released on January 30th 2003 [src].

    BM-01 シロボンシューターセット
    Shirobon Shooter Set
    1 x Shirobon figure
    1 x Shooter
    3 x bomb targets
    1 x sticker sheet
    1 x instruction sheet
    BM-02 マックスシューターセット
    MAX Shooter Set
    1 x Shirobon figure
    1 x Shooter
    2 x Grunt targets
    1 x sticker sheet [src]

    BM-03 爆撃バトル!バーサスフィール
    Bombing Battle! Versus Field
    1 x gold Shirobon figure
    1 x gold huge bomb (巨大爆弾) figure
    1 x silver Mighty figure
    1 x silver MAX figure
    2 x Shooter
    1 x field
    18 x guard wall
    1 x sticker sheet [src]

    (src: manual)
    BM-04 出動!ジェッターズセット
    Dispatch! Jetters Set
    1 x Mighty figure
    1 x Birdy figure
    1 x Bongo figure
    3 x block targets [src]

    (src: teyanddeh)
    BM-05 出現!ボンバー四天王セット
    Clash! Bomber Shitennou Set
    BM-06 超発進!ジェッターズマシンセット
    Departure! Jetters Machine Set

    Custom Menko Battle BANG! (改造メンコバトルBANG!) was a series of collectible battling menko produced by Takara in 2001. Players can customise their menko by placing metal weights inside the plastic frame to offset its centre of gravity. [src] [src]

    Two Bomberman Jetters branded Starter Sets (スターターセット) were released in October 2002:

    • BA・01: contains Shirobon, Mighty, Birdy, Bongo, Gangu and Shout
    • BA・02, contains Bagura, MAX, and the Bomber Shitennou

    (src: shuryuma)

    Starter Sets retailed for 980 yen. [src] It's unknown if more Bomberman Jetters products were available in this line.

    [information coming sometime, hopefully, maybe...!]

    A competitive trading card game by Konami.

    [this thing's a mystery! write in if you know anything about it!]

    Another tie-in menko game, by Konami this time. Released November 21st 2002. [src] Appears to feature weighted frames like BANG!, as well as special rules. [src]

    A plushie of Shirobon definitely exists! See soft toys for info (or lack thereof).

    (src: raffine_cat_0203)

    A fake plastic camera that secretly functions as a BB gun. Pellets are loaded next to the flash and the shutter button fires them through the lens. Unknown release date, unknown manufacturer, and the only Jetters affiliation is the packaging art and pre-applied stickers.

    (src: Suruga-ya)

    A metal can-style pencil case; a prize only available in 2002 as part of a promotional campaign for Bomberman Jetters: Legend of Bomberman [src]. Depicts the Jetters on the front and the Hige Hige Bandit grunts on the back. Approximately 18cm wide, 7.5cm long, and 2cm deep. [src] Does not come with thematically appropriate pencils, unfortunately.

    (src: mimickeyjp)

    Sleep safe, knowing the Jetters are protecting you and your one-of-a-kind Bomberman Jetters bedsheets! Also the source of rare romanisations of the characters' names, including "Burdy" and "Gang".

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