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ボンバーマンRPG / Bomberman RPG

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10 November 2005 (JP, EZweb)
30 October 2006 (JP)

Bomberman investigates Dokokano Village after receiving a letter asking for help; the land has become corrupt thanks to a monster absorbing the nutrients of the soil as energy. Bomberman, being a helpful sort, has to enter the cave and resolve the matter!

Bomberman RPG is an action RPG where your goal is to explore the dungeon and eliminate the boss, which will purify the village. Items can be bought in the village or found in chests, and include bombs, shields, armour, consumables and collectibles. Bomberman and enemies have health bars, allowing them to survive multiple attacks.

Hudson Mobile Page (i-Mode)




Equipment items
Normal Bomb: Basic bomb that explodes in a cross pattern, stretching up, down, left and right.
Remote Control Bomb: After laying the bomb, it can be detonated at any time.
Penetration Bomb: These bombs can blast through soft blocks.
Napalm: Bomb blasts are longer and will burn for a short time afterward.
Circular Bomb: Bombs detonate into circular explosions with a fixed range.
Ice Bomb: Detonates into shards of ice that freeze enemies.

Consumible items
Bomb Up: Increases number of bombs that can be laid at once.
Fire Up: Increases blast radius.
Speed Up: Temporarily increases movement speed.
Fireproof Suit: Protects player from bomb blasts for 10 seconds.

Chibita Pencil: There's not much left of this pencil after being shaved so much.
Submarine Screw: Submarine parts. Once upon a time, there used to be an ocean.
Purse strings: Strings that tied the mouth of a purse. A purse is useless without one.
Ancient Stamp: An ancient commemorative stamp. The postmark has been pressed already.
Ancient Fishbone: Fossilised fish bone. I don't suppose there's any calcium left behind?
Ballpoint pen lid: The lid of a ballpoint pen. How will it survive without its cover?!

The first edition of the page with a sizeable amount of info, including the story, gameplay details and even a small item list!

Hudson Mobile Page (EZweb)



Ballom: Approaches the player in a slow-moving fashion.



Dall: When the player crosses its X/Y axis, it charges at them.



Wamun: A troublesome creature that disables any bomb it touches.



Antonio Luna: The Stage 1 boss. Moves in a star pattern before firing a ball. That's your chance to attack.

An alternate version of the page with more screenshots (all lost, sadly!), a brief enemy list and a condensed item list.

Hudson Mobile Page (Yahoo! Mobile)

Yet another variation of the page, featuring some neat splash art, more screenshots and mention of a "Motion Control Sensor" mini-game, wherein the goal is to tilt and roll a bomb into the exit goal.

Hudson Mobile Page (new)

The last edition of the page before Hudson's site disappeared; barely any content remains.

Press release (November 10th 2005, PDF)

Announcing the EZweb release of the game.

Press release (March 2nd 2006, PDF)

Announcing the Vodafone Live! release of the game.

Gamemaga (ゲーマガ) November 2006

A small feature on the game is included in the pack-in booklet Gehard Yahoo! Mobile Vol. 1 (ゲーハドY! ケイタイVol.1). It spotlights a couple of items and enemies not documented on the official websites:

壁ボム: 壁状に 一 直線に爆風が広がっていくボム。

パワーボム: 上下左右、 画面いっぱいに爆風が広がる。

バロム2: バロム1より素早く移動するのが特徴。

Wall Bomb: A bomb that detonates in a straight line.

Power Bomb: Its blast spreads in all directions all the way across the screen.

Ballom 2: Moves faster than Ballom 1.

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