Candy toys

Candy toys are toys packaged with candy. Who'd have thought? Often unpainted snap-together model kits, candy toys are sold this way to bypass the taxes and regulations normally applied to toys, instead being treated like a food item [src].
It's also where Bomberman got some of its more elaborate and action figure-like toy releases, which is all the more unfortunate given how rare these things are!

Items are ordered by year of release.

(src: dream_is_fulfilled_cgarson)

A candy toy by Kabaya released in 1994. Each box contains two snap-together model kits of a spring-loaded bomb and a small Bomberman to fit inside, along with a sticker sheet and some type of candy. When the Bomberman is pressed down into the fuse chamber on top, it is sprung out again. Bombermen came in White, Black, Red or Golden variants.

(src: Mercari)

Two series of candy toy released by Kabaya. Each box contains candy-coated chocolates and two pre-painted (i think?) figures.

Super Bomberman 3

A tie-in to Super Bomberman 3, includes a Bomberman and a member of the Five Dastardly Bombers (thogh Brain Bomber is absent). The Five Dastardly Bomber figures are one static piece, while the Bomberman figures have the helmet and face as separate pieces.

(src: Mandarake)
Black Bomberman (peace sign)
& Magnet Bomber
White Bomberman (normal hands)
& Pretty Bomber
White Bomberman (peace sign)
& Golem Bomber
Black Bomberman (normal hands)
& Plasma Bomber

Super Bomberman 4

A tie-in to Super Bomberman 4, includes a Bomberman and a member of the Bomber Shitennou (thogh Lady Bomber is absent). The Bomber Shitennou toys come with basic action features: Hammer Bomber's wrecking ball can shoot out on a string, Jet Bomber's head can tilt upwards to simulate flying, Bazooka Bomber can fire a projectile, and Great Bomber can hold a bomb in his hand.

(src: Mandarake)
White Bomberman (angry)
& Hammer Bomber
White Bomberman (smiling)
& Jet Bomber
Black Bomberman
& Bazooka Bomber
Blue Bomberman
& Great Bomber

A candy toy released by Kabaya in 1996 to tie in with Super Bomberman 4. Each box contains a stick of gum and a small snap-together kit of Bomberman (White or Black) and one of four rideable creatures. Each creature has a hook on its rear for towing a spare egg (either organic or mechanical).

1 Black Bomberman
& Dogun Jr.
(+ mechanical egg)
2 White Bomberman
& Trikeradops
(+ organic egg)
3 Black Bomberman
& Tank Bomb
(+ mechanical egg)
4 White Bomberman
& Angora
(+ organic egg)

[gotta assemble my Angora sometime!]

A candy toy released by Kabaya in 1997 to tie in with Baku Bomberman. Each box contains candy-coated chocolates and a small snap-together model kit of a character and piece of architecture; the kits are known to come in blue, yellow and green. The scenery pieces can be attached together to create a diorama for the figures to stand on.

1 Bomberman
(+ Fire Up, tower & crate)
2 Altair
(+ Masker staircase tower & road)
3 Sirius
(+ staircase tower & waterway)
4 Regulus
(+ tree & gem)
5 Haut
(+ cannon)
6 Drago
(+ staircase tower)

(src: Mercari)

Haut (Orion)
(src: Mercari)

Drago (unassembled)

[gotta assemble that Drago sometime! are there any photos of the other figures?]
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