Bomberman Bakuretsu School Wars

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Bomberman Bakuretsu School Wars

Bomberman Bakuretsu School Wars (which roughly translates to "Explosive Bomberman School Wars") was a light-hearted adventure comic authored by Makoto Kai (カイ・マコト) and published in adolescent manga magazine Comic Bom Bom (コミックボンボン). It ran from November 1998 to May 1999, ending after seven episodes. [src]

The cast of Saturn Bomberman are translated into a silly and exaggerated school setting, with Shirobon, Akabon, Midoribon and Kibon in the role of exciteable and rambunctious schoolkids. Mujoe and the Hige Hige Bandits are rowdy delinquents, feuding with the Bombers and following orders from the shadowy Bagura, while Dr. Ein is the goofy and ill-respected school teacher.

1 ・ ボンバーマンワールドにようこそ!!
Welcome to Bomberman World!!
2 ・ 近づくと 危険だぜ
Danger Ahead!
3 ・ (Episode 3)
4 ・ 敵の学校の校門で作戦会議。
War Council at the Enemy's School Gate
5 ・ ますますヒートアップ!!
It's Heating Up!!
6 ・ 起人気ソフトをめぐってヒゲヒゲと大乱闘!
Video Game Feud with the Hige Hige Bandits!
7 ・ ムキムキ!! ドカンだぜ!! 最後の決戦だ!!
Brawn!! Bombs!! The Last Big Throwdown!!

Published November 1998.

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Published December 1998.


Published January 1999.
As far as I'm aware, this episode has no title.


Published February 1999.


Published March 1999.


Published April 1999.


Published May 1999.
Ends with the message "please look forward to Kai Makoto's next success" (カイマコト先生の次なる活躍にご期待ください。).

[MEGA] (archive)

Makoto Kai's personal website, closed in 2002.
The work information page mentions the series was also published by Rightman Publishing Ltd. (正文社), which operate in Hong Kong. It's unknown when, where or if it was published in Chinese regions.

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