Mobile game list

A list of every officially sanctioned Bomberman game released for mobile phone operating systems... at least, that's the plan. Due to the frighteningly fast turnover rate in the mobile gaming market, games are not available for very long, and often a game can come and go with barely a trace... never mind that most of these games never see the light of day outside Japan!

For the time being, the most I can do is merely record what available online information there is on each game. I'd like to thank Rikkuni and Vent for their support in tracking down a lot of these games - couldn't do it without ya!

Games are organised alphabetically by year, because let's face it, it's hard enough finding that some of these games exist, getting an exact release date is even harder.

If you're looking for real games on real consoles, check out the Master Game List.



Bomberman Special 2002
Bomberman Jetters: Vol 1 2003
Super Bomberman 2003
Bomberman 3D 2004
Bomberman Kart 3D 2005
Bomberman Kart Special 2005
Bomberman Pinball 2005
Bomberman RPG 2005
Bomberman Land MOBILE 2007
Bomberman Reprint 2007
Gachapin ☆ Bomberman 2007
Bomberman '08 2008
Bomberman 3D Island 2008
Bomberman Planet 2008
Bomberman Touch: Legend of the Mystic Bomb 2008
Competition ☆ Golf + 2008
Gachapin & Mukku's Big Sports Day 2008
Super Bomberman 2008
R20☆ Moe Bomberman 2008
Yatterman X Bomberman 2008
Bomberman Touch 2: Volcano Party 2009
Competition ☆ Bomberman GEEK 2009
Rose O'Neill Kewpie ☆ Bomberman 2009
Super Gachapin ☆ Bomberman 2009
Bomberman 3D WIDE 2010
Bomberman Next: Here in Kantō Edition 2010
Bomberman Next: Here in Kinki Edition 2010
Competition ☆ Bomberman Cross 2010
Competition ☆ Reversi Cross 2010
Bomberman Chains 2011
Bomberman Dojo 2011
100 Man Battle Bomberman 2012
Bomberman 2014

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