Master game list

A list of every officially released Bomberman game (and a few titles he only cameoed in) organised by release date. The official Bomberman Series List was used as a basis to start from; English-only titles, spinoff games and other instalments not included on that list are included here. Games are listed by Japanese title first, then English title underneath.

This list is, as far as I am aware, entirely comprehensive up to 2008. If you're looking for mobile phone games, check the Mobile Game List.

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Bomber Man
Eric and the Floaters (EU)
1983 MSX, Spectrum [more]
3-D Bomberman 1984 MSX, Sharp X-1 [more]
Lode Runner 1984 NES
Bomberman 1985 NES
Bomberman Special 1986 MSX
Bomber King
Robo Warrior (US/EU)
1987 MSX, NES
Bomber Boy
Atomic Punk (US) / Dynablaster (EU)
1990 Game Boy
Bomberman 1990 PC Engine, Amiga [more]
Bomberman 1991 Arcade
Bomberman II 1991 NES
Bomber King Scenario 2
Blaster Master Boy (US) / Blaster Master Jr. (EU)
1991 Game Boy
Bomberman World
New Atomic Punk - Global Quest (US) / New DynaBlaster - Global Quest (EU)
1992 Arcade
Bomberman '93 1992 PC Engine
Battle Lode Runner 1993 PC Engine
Super Bomberman 1993 SNES
Hi-Ten Bomberman 1993 Arcade (kind of)
Bomberman '94 1993 PC Engine
Super Bomberman 2 1994 SNES
Hi-Ten Chara Bomb 1994 Arcade (kind of)
Bomberman GB
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman! (US/EU)
1994 Game Boy
Panic Bomber 1994 PC Engine
Panic Bomber 1995 Neo Geo
Super Bomberman: Panic Bomber W 1995 SNES
Panic Bomber 1995 NEC PC-9821
Super Bomberman 3 1995 SNES
Tobidase! PaniBom
Panic Bomber (US)
1995 Virtual Boy
Bomberman GB 2
Bomberman GB (US/EU)
1995 Game Boy
Virtual Bomberman 1996 Virtual Boy
Super Bomberman 4 1996 SNES
Saturn Bomberman 1996 SEGA Saturn
Bomberman Collection 1996 Game Boy
Bomberman GB 3 1996 Game Boy
Bomberman B-Daman 1996 SNES
Neo Bomberman 1997 Neo Geo
Super Bomberman 5 1997 SNES
Atomic Bomberman 1997 PC
Baku Bomberman
Bomberman 64 (US/EU)
1997 Nintendo 64
Saturn Bomberman Fight!! 1997 SEGA Saturn
Pocket Bomberman 1997 Game Boy
Bomberman World 1998 PSX
Bomberman Wars 1998 PSX, SEGA Saturn
Bomberman Hero: Rescue Princess Millian!
Bomberman Hero (US/EU)
1998 Nintendo 64
Bomberman Fantasy Race 1998 PSX
Bomberman Party Edition (US)
1998 PSX
Bomberman Quest 1998 Game Boy Color
BB-Daman Bakugaiden - Victory Road 1999 Game Boy Color
Baku Bomberman 2
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!
1999 Nintendo 64
Bomberman Max: Light Hero / Dark Warrior
Bomberman Max: Blue Champion / Red Warrior (US/EU)
1999 Game Boy Color
BB-Daman Bakugaiden V - Final Mega Tune 2000 Game Boy Color
Bomberman Land 2000 PSX
Bomberman 2001 2000 PS2
Bomberman Story
Bomberman Tournament (US/EU)
2001 Game Boy Advance
Bomberman Online 2001 Dreamcast
Bomberman Kart 2001 PS2
Bomberman 64 2001 Nintendo 64
Bomberman Max 2 2002 Game Boy Advance
Bomberman Generation 2002 GameCube
Bomberman Jetters: Legend of Bomberman 2002 Game Boy Advance
Bomberman Collection Vol. 1 2002 PC
Bomberman Jetters 2002 PS2, GameCube
Bomberman Land 2: The Largest Theme Park 2003 PS2, GameCube
Bomberman Jetters Game Collection 2003 Game Boy Advance
Net de Bomberman 2004 PS2
Bomberman Collection Vol. 2 2004 PC
Bomberman Kart DX 2004 PS2
Bomberman 2004 N-Gage
Bomberman Battles
Bomberman Hardball (EU)
2004 PS2
Bomberman 2005 Nintendo DS
Panic Bomber 2005 PlayStation Portable
Bomberman Land 3 2005 PS2
Hudson Best Collection Volume 1: Bomberman Collection 2005 Game Boy Advance
Bomberman: Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen 2006 PlayStation Portable
Bomberman Portable
Bomberman (US/EU)
2006 PlayStation Portable
Touch! Bomberman Land
Bomberman Land Touch (US/EU)
2006 Nintendo DS
Bomberman Act:Zero 2006 Xbox 360
Bomberman Land Wii
Bomberman Land (US/EU)
2007 Nintendo Wii
Bomberman Land Portable
Bomberman Land (US/EU)
2007 PlayStation Portable
Bomberman Story DS 2007 Nintendo DS
Bomberman Live
Bomberman Ultra (PS3)
2007 Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Touch! Bomberman Land: Star Bomber's Miracle World
Bomberman Land Touch! 2 (US/EU)
2007 Nintendo DS
Bomberman 2007 iPod
Bomberman Online Japan 2008 PC
Bomberman Blast (US/EU)
2008 Nintendo Wii, WiiWare
Custom Battler Bomberman
Bomberman 2 (EU)
2008 Nintendo DS
Anytime Bomberman
Bomberman Blitz (US/EU)
2009 DSiWare
Bomberman Live: Battlefest 2010 Xbox 360
Bomberman 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Super Bomberman R 2017 Nintendo Switch
Bomber Girl 2017 Arcade

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