Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bakuretsu Bomberman

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Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bakuretsu Bomberman

Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bakuretsu Bomberman (which roughly translates to "B-B-B-B-Blast Bomberman") was a gag comic authored by Dynamic Taro (ダイナミック太郎) and published in monthly children's gaming magazine Dengeki Nintendo DS (デンゲキニンテンドーDS) (which you can read more about at Scans & Bits). It ran from September 2008 to August 2011, totalling 36 episodes.

Elementary school student Dan Ohno (大野 弾) shares his home with the naive but well-meaning Shirobon, who's constantly challenged to bomber duels by his sometimes-friend-sometimes-nemesis Kurobon. The trio get into shenanigans ranging from the mundane - Dan being stricken by a cold - to the far-out, like Hige Hige Bandit #16 revealing some nefarious scheme. Pretty Bomber frequently shows up to keep an eye on the two Bombermen, and resolving the situation if need be.

Episodes are referred to as "Bombs" and are standalone skits with no overarching story, it's all played strictly for laughs.

[i'm still collecting these - if you have any of the issues that are crossed-out on Scans & Bits, please get in touch!]

Published October 2008.
Shiro fills Dan's house with bombs to ward off Kurobon, and doesn't think it through.

Published December 2008.
A baseball coach wants to see Dan and the Bombers' pitching skills.

Published January 2009.
Shiro and Kuro play around with their new cybernetic armour from Custom Battler Bomberman.

Published February 2009.
Pretty Bomber makes her entrance and puts the boys through their paces.

Published March 2009.
Shiro, Kuro and Pretty Bomber use Dan to test their cold remedies, while promoting Custom Battler Bomberman (now on sale!).

Published June 2009.
Shiro and Kuro embarrass Dan in front of a girl.

Published July 2009.
Dan is taken hostage and Shiro tries to resolve the situation.

Published September 2009.
Shirobon and Pretty Bomber take over the radio waves and host their own TV programmes.

Published October 2009.
Shiro is spooked and his pals won't let him live it down.

Published November 2009.
Shiro and Louie tear up the joint looking for something they lost.

Published December 2009.
Shiro gets a little roly-poly until Pretty Bomber steps in.

Published March 2010.
The gang enjoy the winter weather, with snowball fights, igloo campfires and horrible bear maulings.

Published May 2010.
Dan just wants to send an email, but there's a battle royale erupting in his bedroom.

Published June 2010.
Everyone keeps turning into blocks - and they're multiplying!

Published July 2010.
Bandit #16 unleashes his secret weapon - a Ballom!

Published August 2010.
The gang visit the Bomb-Bomb Kingdom amusement park, where Star Bomber demonstrates some magic tricks.

Published September 2010.
A fun time at the beach is interrupted by a tidal wave of bombs.

Published October 2010.
Shiro takes up a job at the convenience store.

Published January 2011.
Shirobon, Kurobon and Dan are approached by a hot-blooded talent agent.

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Published March 2011.
The gang are caught in a reality-altering machine by Bandit #16.

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Published July 2011.
Shiro, Kuro and Pretty Bomber blast off in a rocket.

Published August 2011.
Bandit #16 and his fellow Hige Hige Bandits hold Dan and his family hostage.

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June 23rd 2011: Taro commemorates the series' end with some excerpts and well-wishes.

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