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Soft toys, stuffed toys, cuddly toys, teddy bears, plush dolls, plushes, plushies-- whatever you want to to call them, they're soft and warm and good for the huggin'!

Many of these were distributed in crane games, particularly SEGA's brand of UFO Catcher.
Items are ordered by year of release.

A tie-in to the first Super Nintendo game, dated 1993.

Red Bomberman (赤ボンバーマン)


piggy bank
(src: Mercari)

A soft toy of a sitting Bomberman holding a plastic bomb. These toys are 13.5cm tall (16cm if you include the bobble), 11cm wide and 10cm long. The bomb is held by a thread running through a hook on the bomb into the hand's fabric, so it is possible to snip it off.
Known variants include White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

These were also sold as piggy banks, replacing the small bomb with a larger one that has a slot where coins can be inserted.

(src: mawstaw)

(src: jabexy17)

(src: Terapeak)

Other known releases include a Bomberman wearing the Battle Game champion's belt, a Bomberman waving a flag, and a yellow Mechabomber (approximately 7.5 inches tall).
The piggy bank was rereleased in 1995 as a Super Bomberman 3 tie-in, changing the tag and nothing else. It's unknown if any other Super Bomberman toys were rereleased in the same manner.

mockup (from Humor Network 1994 04)

A soft toy with a digital alarm clock built into it, released around 1994. When the alarm is set, it plays explosion sounds until it's turned off. It stands approximately 20cm tall.
Advertised in Hudson's Humor Network newsletter, this was only available as a mail-away prize to anyone who sent in a proof of purchase from Super Bomberman 2 (plus 390 Yen for shipping and handling).

(src: htcmj296)

A soft toy roughly 22cm tall with long arms that can be looped around or attached to each other, as well as a turning head. Advertised on TV commercials for Super Bomberman 4, probably a mail-away prize similar to the Alarm Bomber.

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A big plush Bomberman that serves as a backpack! Released around 1996 and approximately 14 inches tall. Features adjustable shoulder straps or a carrying handle on his head. A zip runs the length of his head and torso, allowing you to cram a whole boatload of junk inside Bomberman's body. Just what you asked for!

(src: Famitsu Saturn 7/19 1996)

Big 'n' massive Bombermen clocking in at 40cm, the biggest full-body Bomberman soft toys on record! A tie-in to Saturn Bomberman, released only as prizes in SEGA World arcades. Known releases include White, Black, Red, Blue and Green Bomberman.

(src: Video Game Auctions)

(src: hoshi_no_zihark)

A tie-in to the game of the same name. Released in 1997 as prizes in SEGA World's UFO Catcher.
Known releases include Honey, Pegi Jr., Combatant #12, Puipui, Kepo, and likely the rest of the game's cast.

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Released in 1998 as a tie-in to Bomberman Wars, possibly as prizes in SEGA World's UFO Catcher machines. Approx. 9 inches tall.

(src: amaryllisfarm)
  • Witch Bomber
  • Cleric Bomber
  • Fairy Bomber
  • Thief Bomber
  • Ninja Bomber
  • Hero Bomber
  • King Bomber
  • Fighter Bomber
  • Bakugaiden being a bit of a sensation during its run in 1998, there was stacks and stacks of merchandise, including plush toys - so many I bet I'm not even scatching the surface! This is all I have currently found, their manufacturers and total product lines unknown.

    (src: Flea Market Diary)

    (src: Mercari)

    (src: Mercari)

    (src: Lavits Figure)

    (src: Mercari)

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    (src: Tadaima Bomberman Land blog)

    A Shirobon plush toy was made, I know that for certain! Everything else is pure speculation; likely released in 2002 or 2003, probably as a prize toy judging by its ribbon, and it looks to be approximately 5 inches tall.

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    A big thank you to Yaoxi for most of the information on these toys!

    (src: GNN)

    A line of soft toys released to coincide with Bomberman Online in 2003, sold primarily in Taiwan (it's unknown if they saw an official release in other regions). The manufacturer is currently unknown. The regular Bomberman dolls are approximately 15cm tall, while the special characters reach around 20cm. The dolls have suction cups attached to ribbons on the back of their heads. Known releases include:

    • White Bomberman (smiling)
    • Black Bomberman (angry)
    • Red Bomberman (smiling)
    • Blue Bomberman (angry / normal)
    • Green Bomberman (winking)
    • Yellow Bomberman (winking)
    • Louie (green / brown)
    • Witch Bomberman (black / blue)
    • Cat Bomber (blue / tan / grey)
    • Hawk Bomber (red / blue)

    Hero Bomber and Pretty Bomber were also available as competition prizes in Taiwan.

    (src: SK Japan Prizes)

    A small (13cm tall) plush Bomberman with a bomb on a chain attached to the top of their head. Produced by SK Japan (エスケイジャパン) in May 2013 as UFO catcher prizes [src].
    Available in White, Black, Red and Blue.

    A variant wave were released in September 2013 [src] featuring Bombermen holding objects in their hands. Available in White (w/ bomb), Green (w/ Onil), Yellow (w/ Ovapi), and Pink (w/ Ballom).

    (src: Charatarou)

    FuRyu (フリュー) released a variety of Bomberman plushes around September 2016 (though the official release date on their site, store listings and news sites is from December 2016 to February 2017). Mainly released as prizes in arcades, they were also sold online alone or in bundles of two items or all four.

    Bomberman plush / ボンバーマン ぬいぐるみ

    25cm plush
    (src: FuRyu Chara Square)

    Chunky plushes of Bomberman's head and a bomb, released in a variety of sizes. Products include White Bomberman, Black Bomberman, a black bomb and an orange bomb.

    These were released in a number of sizes under different names, including:

    Mascot / マスコット

    (src: Amazon)

    Little 11cm tall Bombermen with dangly cord limbs. An elastic ribbon runs from the back of their head, making them ideal to hang from things. Available in White, Black, Red and Blue; variants exist with smiling faces (right).

    (src: kenzif0531)
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