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Super Bomberman 2Panic Bomber WSuper Bomberman 3Bomberman GB 2Saturn BombermanSuper Bomberman 5

Bomberman 64 (Baku Bomberman)Saturn Bomberman Fight!!Bomberman World (PSX)Bomberman WarsBomberman HeroBomberman (PSX)



Hey there, Bomberman fans! This is Ragey blasting his way into your internets after putting it off for way too long! I was introduced to the bombin' little guy way back when dinosaurs played hockey in 1997, and I've been addicted to the series in an unholy manner ever since! I'm also a total sucker for being frighteningly comprehensive about stuff, so hopefully my published love of the silly little franchise will be informative and maybe entertaining, too!


Naturally, the content is very unfinished. There's a lot of stuff to cover! A huge percentage of the franchise is Japan-only, which is very limiting, and as much as I love Bomberman, I don't think one man with a silly fixation can really handle it all. So, if you can, please help out. I want this to be the most comprehensive English Bomberman site available, and only you can help make that sound even slightly believable! How can you help?

● Scans! Manuals, boxes, magazines - any reference material is useful and should be preserved.

● Other textual reference material like translations (especially) and official site archives are neat too.

● Information! If you know more than I do, please, share the wealth!

● Official artwork. Although low priority, I'd love to have the artwork accessible.

● Well, anything, really. Anything! See the progress section for specific wants and needs.




Bomberman is property of Hudson, but thanks to the wacky world publishers he's probably in the hands of Konami and Atlus, too, maybe. Don't hurt me, you guys!

As with everything here, it was "designed" in Microsoft Frontpage and doesn't really fit any resolution very well, though 1024x768 isn't too bad, slightly. I mostly aim to make it 800x600 friendly. Should I bother?