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31 December 2017

One more before the new year, why not. A small page for the unreleased Bomberman 2001.

13 December 2017

Just fleshing out the place a bit before the year ends.

New game pages!
Super Bomberman R (just media & reviews for now)
Virtual Bomberman (new write-up with hi-res images)
Bomberman Quest (still missing a few bits but all the gameplay guff is there)
Bomberman Generations (manuals and reference, nothing exciting)

The media index has been shuffled around, and there's new media - with comics!
Bomberman Bakuretsu School Wars
Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Bakuretsu Bomberman
Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters
Bomberman Story: An Omen of Conflict!!
Plus related book pages for:
PC Comic World
Game Player Comics
Reference updates and other tweaks:
Atomic Bomberman (magazines)
Baku Bomberman (reviews, media and magazines)
Bomber Boy (new info write-up, magazines and miscellaneous fixes)
Bomberman (PC Engine) (media & reviews)
Bomberman II (magazines)
Bomberman '93 (magazines, regional changes & passwords)
Bomberman '94 (media)
Bomberman Act:Zero (reviews, media and magazines)
Bomberman Hero (media and magazines)
Bomberman Story (magazine)
Lode Runner (manual)
Saturn Bomberman (manual, websites and magazines)
Super Bomberman (manual, media and magazines)
Super Bomberman 2 (media)
Super Bomberman 3 (media)

New merch pages for keshigomu and Jetters tie-ins, plus small updates to soft toys and candy toys.

There's also some general fixes here and there, including fixing some broken links and tweaking the CSS a touch. Oh, and the main page sidebar has been updated from a measly five "good pages" to a Javacript randomiser! Now you can remind yourself how unfinished the site is with incredible ease!

It only took six years, but all the content from the old directory has been ported. It's been deleted and now redirects here; update your links if you haven't already!

21 August 2017

The main page has been rejigged with a new logo, a side-bar linking to some of the higher-quality pages, and big colourful buttons! It's not too much on the eyes, is it?

Three new sections are up; media (which is a chaotic unorganised mess for now!), merchandise (with pages for candy toys and plushies), and Bomberman Jetters has a franchise page, with manuals for the three tie-in games. Old updates are funnelled off to the updates archive now.

17 June 2017

Still working on a bigger update, just wanted to get this stuff out of the road. Been working on porting over content from the old directory:

I've still barely started the Baku Bomberman section, but it has some new reference information.

The books page has gotten an overhaul with new subheadings and a more fleshed out catalogue, though I'm certain I'm missing a few.
New book pages include Bomber King Perfect Strategy, Bomber King: Altair Final War, Hudson Makyou 1 & 2, New Bomberman Complete Encyclopedia, Super Bomberman Hudson Official Guidebook, BB-Daman Bakugaiden V Final Mega Tune Officially Clear Book, and the Bomberman Big Encyclopedia; it gets bolded because it goes into more information than all other book pages so far. It's still unfinished and has heaps of content in need of proper translation, but it's a standard I'd like the other book pages to meet in future!
Manuals have been added for Bomberman Max, Bomberman Max 2 and Bomber King.
Magazine scans added to Bomberman Fantasy Race, Super Bomberman 2 and BOMBERMAN Act:Zero.

You can find my unprocessed scans of books, manuals and assorted guff at MEGA now. Everything there will find its way onto the site in due time... sometime!

22 October 2016

The rest of the lore from Act:Zero has been added, and Bomberman Story now has text dumps.

16 July 2016

I finally sunk a dozen hours into playing BOMBERMAN Act:Zero so I could get a basic page written up for it. Please check out its reference page, it was a lot of fun to research!
The rest of the update is nothing but reference guff, I'm afraid. The Bomber Boy Complete Capture book has been uploaded. References pages for Bomberman Live and Portable, Super Bomberman 1 and 2, GB 3 and Hi-Ten Bomberman have all gotten a bit of attention.
For those who are interested, higher-definition scans of books and manuals can be found in these poorly maintained Imgur albums; you'll likely find stuff there before it appears on the site.

15 April 2016

Bomberman GB 2 has gotten some game coverage, and there's unused sprites in there, too. Bomberman on DS has some basic single-player info but is otherwise a bit of a husk.
Scans have been uploaded for the Saturn Bomberman Fight!! and Bomberman Jetters Game Collection guidebooks. Manuals have also been added to Bomberman (PS1), Bomberman II and Super Bomberman.

27 October 2015

Bakufuu Sentai Bombermen now has some information on the single-player game. Still mighty unfinished, though!

16 May 2015

Super Bomberman 3 has been fleshed out with some Normal Game info, though it's missing Battle Game and other bits and bobs. Bomberman '93 gets much the same treatment.
Super Bomberman 4 and 5 have been ported over with little no changes, if simply to make the manuals downloadable again (my dodgy redirector rendered all the Super Bomberman pages on the old directory inaccessible - thanks for the heads-up, Plasma Captain!).

01 April 2015

The Saturn Bomberman page is a bit more presentable now, with more gameplay details, maps and info on worlds 4 and 5, plus some data on the Battle Game. It's still a ways to go, but better than it was. There's also a download for the Saturn Bomberman Official Guidebook.
I also finally uploaded pages for some random mobile phone games: Super Bomberman, Bomberman Chains, Bomberman RPG, and... Gachapin & Mukku's Big Sports Day. I was nosey, alright?

28 November 2014

The site is actually topical for once; it's got info the latest Bomberman game on smartphones!
Bomberman (PC-Engine) also has some extras now; music downloads, unused materials, version changes, and even info on its quote-unquote debug mode. Pocket Bomberman's reference page also got a teeny bit added to it.
After that, it's just books and manuals: Bomberman GB 2, Baku Bomberman 2 Official Guide Book, Bomberman Max Official Guidebook and Pocket Bomberman Official Guidebook have got scans now.

04 October 2014

Well, an update was a teensy, weensy bit overdue.
The two Irem arcade games, Bomberman and Bomberman World have been ported over with maps and more comprehensive gameplay data, as well as trivia, regional changes and other gubbins for the first one.
After that, it's little odds and ends. Bomberman 3DS has a couple of extra screenshots. The Second Attack!! has a magazine scan. Bomberman GB got a little brush-up to some of its pages. Nothing to get too excited about, I'm afraid!

31 December 2012

Bomberman (PC-Engine) and Bomberman II have been ported and considerably expanded - there's plenty more gameplay knowledge, character info and other rubbish than there used to be!
Saturn Bomberman has gotten a little bit of attention, with info on the Master Game and World 3, though it's still criminally unfinished.
Also, the Mobile Game List has been plumped up a little, with more listings and eleven new pages. Would you believe the number of crossovers Bomberman has attended? It's pretty wild. They're all very unfinished since I've no means of playing any of them, but it's the best we can expect for now.

23 July 2012

Just a few small things. Bomberman Quest has some music, but the rest of its content hasn't been ported over yet.
There are book scans for Bomberman Maniax and Bomberman Jetters: The Legendary Bomberman guide book.
Bomber Boy and Pocket Bomberman have Japanese manual scans.

11 June 2012

We've got so many new things we need to bust out the bullet points!

30 May 2012

Bomberman Tournament has been ported with a few new additions. Also, Bomber King and Bomber King Scenario 2 have credits now.

12 May 2012

The Bomberman Fantasy Race section has been ported, now with regional changes and info on the Japanese version. No music, but I hope to get proper rips of the tracks sometime.

30 March 2012

Super Bomberman 2 is ported and now has complete coverage of the Normal Game maps (big thanks to Reversal Mushroom for practically doing all the content for me!), though it's still relatively unfinished. That rest will be done when I can muster up the interest.

28 January 2012

Bomberman '94 has been ported, and now has a look at some of its unused graphics. Small update to Pocket Bomberman for unused graphics.

29 November 2011

Just a small update - Pocket Bomberman has a music rip, and the Hero guidebook has been uploaded.

21 November 2011

I was planning to make this public once everything from the old site was ported over, but I couldn't be bothered. The place has got a makeover! Fancy-pants CSS coding aside, what's actually new?

There's not oodles of entirely new content, but there's enough to suggest taking a fresh look around. There might be more new stuff than I've listed, I haven't really been keeping track.

I don't want anyone to get their hopes up - don't expect new content to be pouring in anytime soon. The main aim of this revamp was to organise stuff a lot better, and to throw up whatever material I hadn't uploaded to the old site, no matter how trivial - hence the boat load of manuals.

15 April 2010

Virtual Bomberman: information.

01 September 2009

Ragey's Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place is officially opened, and horribly unfinished!

12 March 2008

Bomberman Fantasy Race shrine finished.

08 March 2008

Bomberman Fantasy Race shrine uploaded.

16 September 2006

Bomberman Tournament shrine finished.

05 September 2006

Bomberman Tournament shrine uploaded.

27 July 2006

Bomberman Quest shrine uploaded.


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