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Feel free to email me at either address, though I don't check my Gmail one as often.

If for some reason you're still looking for the man formerly known as Galvatron, he and his content have relocated. Tell him I said hi!



What is Random Hoo Haas?

It's a big dumb website dedicated to whatever rubbish I happen to have an interest in. This normally includes such sophisticated pursuits as video games, cartoons, science fiction, horror movies and reviewing them all in a very slapdash and poorly constructed manner.
It began on 28 October 2005 as a hilariously bad FrontPage document with little to no content. It is now six years old and has a lot of content with little to no worth.
The author is also known for being seven shades of cynical.


Who is Ragey?

Ragey is the internet handle of some dork called Mark who lives in Northern Ireland. He enjoys writing, doodling, photography, books that aren't terrible, and working on projects that never go anywhere.
He's also quite terrible at describing himself without sounding like a moron. Not that that's far from an accurate description, though.


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