Additional Impedimenta

All the junk that doesn't fit into the other sections or too embarrassing to have on the main page.

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Scans & Bits
Big dumb image depository. Lots of Japanese magazines and comics, and other things too!

Sprite sheets and that sort of thing.

Stupid Stuff
Dumb MS Paint images from a million years ago, among other things. No idea if they're still funny, or if they ever were in the first place!

Titular Images
Old logos and page designs. Literally made to fill a gap on the sidebar once.

Relics from farting about in the Sonic hoaxing community.

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OMG How I Rip Sprites
Tutorial on my way of ripping sprites, looking at the various tools and methods involved. It's also bloody ancient and could do with an update.

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Game Music
MP3s of neato tracks from video games.

The Many Adventures of Motorbike Man & Friends
Silly cartoons I made with action figures yonks ago.

Sonic Awesome
Intentionally crappy mock-fangame made in a day. I can't believe this was on the frontpage sidebar for years.

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Oh! My God!! Why'd They Change That?
Miscellaneous coverage of early footage and unused stuff in video games. A wee bit irrelevant nowadays!

The Halo Hub
Dodgy old blog posts and online trolling. Not my most dignified moments.

Captain America and the Avengers walkthrough
Walkthrough for a brainless beat-em-up. Bit of a pointless section! My only takeaway from it was the phrase "a crock of stupid", which is pretty great.

Heiankyo Alien
Game Boy maps and review. I don't think I was doing anything that afternoon.

Spin Master walkthrough
Another useless arcade walkthrough.