The Many Adventures of Motorbike Man

and friends


Motorbike Man, quite simply, was made when I wanted to make use of my plentiful supply of action figures, and after a failed attempt at a comic with them, I made movies that are more like slideshows with voiceovers than actual movies. That's the history behind it. Seriously.


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Semi-important characters


[905kb][1:32][04 October 2005]

PLOT SUMMARY: Motorbike Man and friends are stranded on an alien planet with no way of getting home! Will they ever escape and return to their home planet? That's solved pretty early in the movie, but watch to find out how many leave, and how well they do at escaping!

FUN FACTS! The day after this episode was finished, the room it took place in was redecorated to look less like a white and grey wasteland, and wasn't the first time I made an episode just before things changed.

 Probably the Motorbike Man episode with the least screen time for the title character.




[814kb][1:58][22 December 2005]

PLOT SUMMARY: The long awaited sequel to the original, an evil duo plan to conquer the world by having their lord eat everyone, but Motorbike Man comes to put a stop to it! Will he die this time, or get more screen time than in the previous episode? View to find out! Guest voice from Blaze.

FUN FACTS! And the very next day, the bed this episode takes on was shifted to the room the last episode took place in.

There are a couple of shots where you can see a Bowser action figure lying around, which is a result of me being a mucky pup and not noticing.




[700kb][2:03][25 December 2005]

PLOT SUMMARY: Motorbike Man is given the highly important task of looking after Christmas while Santa Claus does some important things! Will his idiocy end out in him losing Christmas and resulting in zany hijinks? Watch to find out! Blaze guest voices again.

FUN FACTS! Made while my room was being redecorated and I stayed in the spare room of the first episode, and thus that's my computer desk crap you see there. Except in a different room.

Aodhán was originally going to have his debut here as Santa Claus, but was busy with other things. Maybe in a special edition?

After Motorbike Man says "you fiend", Santa Claus would've added "you dick" onto it, but it felt almost odd asking Aodhán, a man of non sequiturs rather than the art of dirty humour to say such vulgarities, so I edited it from the script. Then I grew a pair afterwards and lamented the loss of the line because seriously Santa Claus calling someone a dick.

The first episode to have music, all pinched from 3D Movie Maker.

Apparently everyone loves this episode. Judge for yourself!




[758kb][1:32][31 December 2005]

PLOT SUMMARY: Motorbike Man and Quick Man give a public service announcement on their humour. Zaniness abounds! Hold onto your liver and kidneys!

[NOTE] Due to my rock-awesome video skills, there's a white progress bar on the right side of the screen. Just count that as part of the zaniness, plz.

FUN FACTS! The first episode not to take place before the setting in it was changed. If anything, the top of that bookshelf is now pretty cluttered with some games I plan to sell and where I keep my DS.




[566kb][1:07][03 February 2006]

PLOT SUMMARY: Motorbike Man and Robert want to conquer a new tower, as their current one is in shambles, but they can't get to it because of a ninja! Will they defeat the ninja and rule new land? Watch to find out! Guest voice from Aodhán.

FUN FACTS! This was made while a new bathroom was being installed upstairs, so the builders had some of their stuff lying around and the back garden was a mess, but the day after, they were mostly finished and the garden was tidied, and that fruit rack tower was disposed of.




[161kb][0:27][31 March 2006]

PLOT SUMMARY: In a massive epic, Motorbike Man, Batman, and James Bond reminisce on old memories and then have to team up to face oh it's an April Fools one that's meant to be a clip show but Motorbike Man interrupts it making Batman sad that's the joke

Thanks Blaze for the general concept.


In a massive epic, Motorbike Man, Batman, and James Bond reminisce on old memories and then have to team up to face a foe from their past! Will they conquer their dreams and become stronger in the end? Watching is the only answer! Guest voice from Roger Moore.


FUN FACTS! An addition I made to Blaze's idea was to have ridiculously long opening and end credits, and about five seconds of actual show, but I just half-assed this out, as evidenced by Batman's bland voice.

The song playing is Bad Manners' "Walking in the Sunshine", and I recommend checking them out.




[1.35mb][2:57][07 May 2006]

PLOT SUMMARY: A team of rebels without a cause aim to funk up Motorbike Man's sh9it, while one of the team simply wants a life that doesn't suck. I ask a question and then follow it up with a suggestion to watch!

Blaze and Steve provide guest voices. Tobias would've guest voiced but his microphone was out of wack. =(

FUN FACTS! My first idea for this episode was simply for it to be full to the brim with pop culture references but still be an adventure. In the end, "my head a splode" was the only remainder of it because seriously what the hell.

And yeah, Blaze's friend Tobias was meant to do the voice of Zack, but he lacked a microphone, so I hastily crapped out his indistinguishable voice.




[996kb][1:08][13 June 2006]

PLOT SUMMARY: Two people try to ambush Motorbike Man and kill him. Where have we heard that before? However, one delays his death with a thought provoking speech. Will it actually save him? You know what to do.

FUN FACTS! This isn't the first appearance of actual animation, as scrapped episodes had it before, you know, they were scrapped.

The third episode to have music, also from 3D Movie Maker.




[1.2mb][3:26][02 December 2006]

PLOT SUMMARY: Sick from a cold, Motorbike Man misses out on wackiness. Guest voices from Steve, Aodhán, Galvatron and Blaze.

FUN FACTS! This episode was started and then put on hold for ages because of the large amount of guest voices required, and in that time I reshot it with a better camera.

The first Motorbike Man episode with swearing! Well, "you dick" in episode 8 could be considered the first if you really consider it that offensive. I meant to edit out the "bitch" in DK's line, but it adds so much to it.

I actually had a cold when I first started the episode, and thus Motorbike Man's voice is authentic. It cleared up shortly after, and I felt fit enough to attempt Space Dinosaur's voice again, with relatively decent success in my view!




In order of how many appearances they made, as well as how important they are, slightly.


Originally a space traveller with Robert and Alan, lost on an alien planet as the last of their kind, Motorbike Man then settled down as a typical day saver, thwarting such plans as people killing him, people ambushing him, and the common cold.

APPEARANCES: Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Originally the worshipper of a false idol, then the illegal owner of a national holiday, Dash Randor is ever the arch nemesis to Motorbike Man, and not even a digestive system or a bullet through his head can stop his dastardly schemes. Voiced by Blaze.

APPEARANCES: Episodes 2, 3, 9


One of the three initial space travellers, Robert then reappeared as the owner of a shoddy tower that had a ninja lurking below, and wished to own a superior tower. Just like his movie character, he has died in every appearance, although whether or not one can live crushed underneath the Whitehouse is debatable. Voiced by Aodhán.

APPEARANCES: Episodes 1, 5, 9


Appearing during a random Wassup parody, Space Dinosaur is a dinosaur that can go into space, as well as speak the English language with a throat-hurting voice. Has a fascination with space aliens and is a possible relative to the Crocodile Man.

APPEARANCES: Episodes 4, 9


Lord, despite being a lord, doesn't do an awful lot. He eats people and can only snack on four people at a time before reaching bursting point. Pretty gross.

APPEARANCES: Episodes 2, 9