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[last updated: 31-Dec-2012]

Oh, look, I hopped on the game music download bandwagon. Consider this the dorky little brother to Flying Omelette, Codiekitty, Rage Quitter 87 and Daryn's respective music sections.

The Crocodile Man and his giant flashing speech bubble will let you know what's hot.

Also, the giant [NEW!] will point out the obvious to you.
  • Astro Boy GBA
  • Banjo-Tooie
  • Bionic Commando
  • Bomb Jack
  • Bomberman GB
  • Bomberman Jetters
  • Bomberman Quest
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
  • Cool Spot
  • Eek! The Cat
  • G.I. Joe
  • Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp
  • Lost Planet 2
  • Maximo vs. Army of Zin
  • Maximum Carnage
  • Mega Man: Wily Wars
  • Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  • Metal Masters
  • Mickey Mouse: COI
  • Othello
  • Penguin Land
  • Pop Up
  • Protect Me Knight
  • Red Dwarf
  • Ruin Explorers
  • Serpent
  • Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad
  • The Smurfs
  • Snowboard Kids
  • Street Fighter II (GB)
  • Streets of Rage
  • Super Mario Land
  • Super Mario Land 2
  • TMNT3: Radical Rescue
  • Tetris
  • Turok (GB)
  • Turok 2 (GB)
  • UEFA 2000
  • Ultimate Teacher
  • Vectorman
  • Wario Land 4
  • Wario's Woods
  • Wrecking Crew '98
  • Yoshi's Story

  • Astro Boy: Omega Factor

    Artist: Tsuyoshi Kaneko, NON

    Console: Game Boy Advance

    Decent game, but largely forgettable music. Is it just me, or is that a tradition of Treasure games? I can remember music from Mischief Makers, sure, but the music I remember isn't very good. Just sayin', y'know.

    Staff Roll (BGM023)

    Length: 1:30

    File size: 830kb

    One of those sappy bloo bloo songs I'm so enamoured with.

    Tender Moment (BGM025)

    Length: 2:26

    File size: 1.35mb

    Ditto. I got the name from some other music rip, but I've no idea where it got the name from - in the sound test it's just labelled "BGM025". Let's include both!


    Artist: Grant Kirkhope

    Console: Nintendo 64

    Still has the great bouncy sounds of the first game. Flying Omelette has some of the best tracks from the first game, check them out.

    In the Hall of the Zombie King

    Length: 2:32

    File size: 3.48mb

    A gloomy reprise of the Jinjo Village theme.

    Jolly Roger's Lagoon - Deep Underwater

    Length: 4:59

    File size: 6.87mb

    This level is one of the best looking in the game, and has so many weird and wonderful sights to see. This theme really adds to the mood when exploring.

    Bionic Commando

    Artist: Jamie Christopherson

    Console: Xbox 360

    Say what you will about the game itself (I say WHOOOOOOOO), you have to admit it kept up the military flavour quite nicely from the original NES game, with some additions of its own.
    Since the publishers of video game music have finally caught up with the modern era, you can actually buy this soundtrack online via digital download! I highly recommend it, particularly through 7digital. Consider this track a sample to get you interested.

    The Gauntlet

    Length: 2:05

    File size: 2.87mb

    Oh my god, YES. The track that plays in the game's thickest battles, and what really cements the vibe of playing as a superhero. My only grief with it is it's not long enough, and it's not loud enough.

    Bomb Jack

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales (credited as Joe McAlby)

    Console: Game Boy

    It's just one of many Game Boy games I was introduced to via Spanish multi-cartridges, but I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Bomb Jack. If I actually had any experience with the rest of the series I'd probably say the Game Boy version is the definitive version, but since I haven't played any of the others my words are rather hollow. I will say this, though: If you love chiptune rock, you'll love this.

    Title Screen

    Length: 3:51

    File size: 4.4mb

    I positively love the way this starts up, and it's a truly wonderful sound to hear when you boot up the game - it's hard-hitting, dynamic and rock-awesome as all hell. It eventually starts just tackling the same tune with different sounds (Gonzales said in an interview that in the early days he basically just fluffed around on keyboards until he got something good, and one almost gets the impression he's just playing around with the tone settings), but the fantastic drum beat remains.

    Level Theme

    Length: 2:08

    File size: 2.4mb

    Energetic and great bitty drums. It's amusing how the only theme you'll be hearing during actual gameplay is the shortest of the main three.

    Game Over

    Length: 3:41

    File size: 4.2mb

    Just edges out the title screen theme for my favourite song in the game (though not that there's many choices to make!). A downbeat little ditty that has a strange uplifting quality about it. It seems to be common with all of Alberto's soundtracks that they don't have many songs, but they have some lengthy running times. If it weren't for a great track like this, why would you sit around for four minutes on the game over screen?

    Stage Clear

    Length: 0:03

    File size: 80kb

    Just for the sake of completion, here's the level complete theme.

    Extra Bonus

    Length: 0:07

    File size: 156kb

    And a rockin' little ditty for when you get an Extra Bonus.

    Bomberman GB

    Artist: Yasuhiko Fukuda

    Console: Game Boy

    Best known for having Wario. Not so well known for its one or two mildly funky tracks.
    (check out the full soundtrack at the Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place!)

    Round 2

    Length: 0:45

    File size: 619kb

    Just listen to that funk. It's wasted on a Bomberman game!


    Length: 0:56

    File size: 772kb

    Not a bad romp, but the middle part's a bit obnoxious.

    Bomberman Jetters

    Artist: Kazunori Maruyama

    Console: n/a (anime)

    Well, it's a soundtrack for a cartoon. It's not exactly going to be Grade-A listening material since a lot of it is generic incidental fluff, though having watched the show from beginning to end a lot of the tracks have a mildly emotional connection with me. If you haven't seen the show then a lot of these probably aren't going to be anything worth writing home about. Also, I'm a sucker for sappy depressing music. Sorry, guys!
    (check out the full soundtrack at the Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place!)

    I'm At The Limit

    Length: 1:21

    File size: 1.4mb

    The opening theme for about three quarters of the series. It's, uh, rather energetic. It probably works better in conjunction with the intro, though.

    Mighty & Shirobon's Theme

    Length: 2:13

    File size: 2.06mb

    My second favourite tune in the whole damn anime. Oh my god, the amount of times I've listened to this! It's so damn depressing and so damn melancholy, yet there's a hint of uplifting in it somewhere (yes, I know that makes no grammatical or logical sense). This is heard a lot throughout the series due to the amount of flashbacks, but I never get sick of it.


    Length: 2:14

    File size: 2.1mb

    Now this is easily my favourite damn tune in the anime. Yet another downbeat tune that's basically another take on the Mighty & Shirobon theme, though missing half the instruments, resulting in a more minimalist vibe. I'd dare say it's as good, if not better than the original, though it might be beacuse I just needed a change of pace after listening to the original so much.

    Mighty & Shirobon's Theme (piano)

    Length: 2:13

    File size: 2.2mb

    And then there's a piano version! It's not bad either, but it loses a lot of the emotional punch of the regular version, personally.

    Unknown Planet 1

    Length: 0:22

    File size: 402kb

    I include this only because it gets used so many times through the series. Because theme park banjo music is such universally appropriate background music.


    Length: 1:28

    File size: 1.47mbn

    Another of my favourites - a jazzy little number used when the baddies go to drink away their sorrows.

    [NEW!] Bomberman Quest

    Artist: Shigeaki Irie, Misaki Aso, Keiji Ueki, Goro Takahashi, Norihiko Togashi, Ayako Unno

    Console: Game Boy

    I will admit, even for a chiptune fan this might demand an acquired taste - all the songs use rather high-pitched and admittedly obnoxious tones, which is unfortunate as there's some great stereotypically videogamey tunes here. I don't recall a credit for who actually composed the music, only "sound engineers," so I've listed them all.
    (check out the full soundtrack at the Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place!)

    Field Zone

    Length: 1:35

    File size: 1.5mb

    Forest Zone

    Length: 1:19

    File size: 1.2mb

    I dig the almost oriental bounce to this one; it's like something out of a Mystical Ninja game.

    Beach Zone

    Length: 1:22

    File size: 1.3mb

    Dungeon theme

    Length: 1:04

    File size: 1mb

    Admittedly a rather generic dungeon theme, but man, I love the heck out of those first thirty seconds.

    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

    Artist: Sotaro Tojima, Hiroshi Mitsuoka

    Console: Game Boy Advance

    Flying Omelette has more tracks from the game, though I'm just putting up the few she missed that I've a fondness for.


    Length: 2:32

    File size: 2.4mb

    Heard in the opening cavern area - not a bad tune to start the game with.

    Inclined Repose of Souls

    Length: 3:22

    File size: 3.3mb

    Credits music. It's a pretty decent dramatic track.

    Cool Spot

    Artist: Tommy Tallarico

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive

    A visually and audio-ly splendid game, but actually playing it is a bit of a slog.
    Amusing anecdote! For the longest time, I was almost certain the music during the bathtub stages was Alice Cooper's "School's Out," and thus I thought the gimmick of the game was the usage of licensed music. Turns out I was dead wrong and the game is actually a 7-Up ad, but they removed all the references to it in the European release. How about that?

    Rave Dancetune

    Length: 2:19

    File size: 2.66mb

    Played during the incredibly fun bonus stages; easily the most revved-up tune in the soundtrack, it's quite different from the rest of the more funky and comparatively laid-back tracks.

    Eek! The Cat

    Artist: Barry Leitch, Keith Tinman

    Console: Super Nintendo

    A pretty hideous game, but the one redeeming factor are some particularly great songs. Amusingly, the game actually needs to load the music - there's an uncomfortably long pause before starting a new level and selecting a song in the sound test that a track actually plays.


    Length: 0:44

    File size: 1mb

    It's hard to tell if this is an attempt at recreating the TV theme or not, but hey, generic rock.


    Length: 3:47

    File size: 5.2mb

    Rock and synth. I only wish this track were used for a better game.

    Eek Vs. The Flying Saucers

    Length: 2:59

    File size: 4.1mb

    A lick of techno. It's not bad.


    Length: 2:08

    File size: 2.94mb

    A step above your common-or-garden generic spookiness, but rather unremarkable.

    Feed Me

    Length: 2:32

    File size: 3.5mb

    More synth rock if you need it.

    Bears 'N The Hood

    Length: 2:17

    File size: 3.15mb

    Rather funky synth piece.

    It's A Wonderful Nine Lives

    Length: 1:34

    File size: 2.2mb

    Very much an addendum to Bears 'N The Hood. If you liked it, check this.

    G.I. Joe

    Artist: T.Ogura, K.Fukui

    Console: arcade


    Stage 1

    Length: 1:18

    File size: 1.8mb

    This should be the universal anthem for GETTING PUMPED.

    Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp

    Artist: unknown

    Console: Xbox 360 / DS

    One of them indie-type games. Cracking good fun, with an amazingly catchy track playing throughout the whole game, too. While I'm using this page to plug stuff, check out Craig Forrester's site!
    The credits don't cite anyone in particular for music composition, though I'm almost sure it's listed somewhere online.

    Main Theme

    Length: 2:00

    File size: 1.3mb

    Some people hate it. Some people love it. I'm in the latter field. If you've played the game this little ditty will be stuck in your head for days, no foolin'.

    [NEW!] Lost Planet 2

    Artist: Jamie Christopherson

    Console: Xbox 360

    Christopherson presents more booming military stuff. It hasn't got the variety of his Bionic Commando soundtrack, but, hey, it's good booming military stuff.

    Title Screen

    Length: 1:41

    File size: 2.7mb

    Main Menu

    Length: 3:01

    File size: 4.7mb

    Mario Kart: Super Circuit

    Artist: Kenichi Nishimaki, Masanobu Matsunaga, Minako Hamano

    Console: Game Boy Advance

    Pretty lacklustre instalment, but some of the tracks are particularly rockin'.


    Length: 1:12

    File size: 844kb

    I think I've a fetish for underpowered computer simulations of electric guitars.

    [NEW!] Maximo vs. Army of Zin

    Artist: Tommy Tallarico

    Console: PlayStation 2

    Plays like Ghouls 'n' Ghosts meets Streets of Rage. Sounds particularly neat.

    Road to Hawkmoor

    Length: 4:23

    File size: 6mb

    Probably the most bombastic track in the game. Gets used in a few levels, and they all happen to be great.

    Maximum Carnage

    Artist: Green Jell˙

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive / Super Nintendo

    What first appears to be a reasonable enough brawler eventually reveals itself to be sadistic, torturous mockery of a game that gets its giggles from the frustration of innocents. Warn the people.
    On the bright side, it's got some neat chiptune rock.

    Title (SNES)

    Length: 1:57

    File size: 2.2mb

    Slow grunge rock. Good way to start the game.

    Title (SMD)

    Length: 1:44

    File size: 1mb

    Or if you prefer a faster pace and a bitty fascimile of an electric guitar, there's this option. I personally prefer the Mega Drive's attempt at electric guitar - it's just so damn charming!

    Mega Man: The Wily Wars

    Artist: unknown

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive

    A remake compilation of the first three NES games, with Mega Drive recreations of their tunes. Some of the instrumentation is spotty and Mega Man 3 suffers from some lacklustre conversions, but there's some decent remixes here.

    Bomb Man

    Length: 1:24

    File size: 833kb

    Oh, I love me some Mega Drive sound chip. The original tune isn't bad, but it's very minimal, there's not much complexity to it, so this one adds a bit more flavour to it, in my opinion. There's a great buzzy sound like an attempt at an electric guitar or something, and it adds so much charm to the track.

    Bubble Man

    Length: 1:34

    File size: 970kb

    Let's face it, nothing will top the original tune in my view, but this is decent, if just for the different style of sound.

    Wood Man

    Length: 1:54

    File size: 1.15mb

    Again, it's hard to improve upon the original, but this improves the instruments in just the right way.

    Wily Fortress 1 (Mega Man 2)

    Length: 2:43

    File size: 1.65mb

    And, you guessed it, I don't think the original can be improved. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE DO NOT TRY. This doesn't do too bad a job, if just for the fact I now know what hearing the great music through the SEGA sound chip is like.

    Top Man

    Length: 1:50

    File size: 1.1mb

    A lot of the track is spent on the weird ghostly "oooh" sound, but when it gets to the buzzy guitar sound you know you're in for a good time. At least, I know I'm in for a good time.

    Metal Masters

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales (credited as Joe McAlby)

    Console: Game Boy

    I have not played this game, nor do I know a thing about it - all I know is that Alberto was at the helm of the music composition...

    Title Screen (1 loop)

    Length: 2:10

    >File size: 2.5mb

    ... and my god, what a tune. This is some rockin' chiptune stuff. This is actually the game's only song, but when it's this good, who can complain? There's thirty seconds of droning noise at the start when heard in-game, but I snipped it out.

    Title Screen (2 loops)

    Length: 4:24

    File size: 3mb

    The exact same track with an extra loop, with a snippet from an alternate version of the track to splice them together. I do admittedly prefer the single-loop version, but I may as well offer a choice.

    Mickey Mouse in Castle of Illusion

    Artist: Kamiya Studio

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive

    A game so uneventful that I've completed it twice and still haven't developed an opinion for it!

    Whirlpool Stage

    Length: 1:26

    File size: 933kb

    The level this music belongs to has always bugged me, because the warping whirlpool gimmick never ceases to boggle me at any age, but the level is home to the most beautiful backdrop in the game, combined with a stirring piece of music. Listening to the music disconnected to the visuals isn't quite as great as I thought it'd be, but hey, might as well throw it up for download.


    Artist: unknown

    Console: Game Boy

    What would be the most loathsome boardgame conversion on the planet...

    Title Screen

    Length: 0:49

    File size: 1.1mb

    ... if it weren't for this catchy little ditty. With this, it's merely one of the most loathsome boardgame conversions on the planet.

    Penguin Land

    Artist: Kenichi Tomizawa

    Console: Game Boy

    I will admit I prefer to seek out chiptunes that have a degree of complexity to their compositions, but I can't deny that Penguin Land (another game I found through multi-carts) has some cute little tunes.

    Music 1

    Length: 2:09

    File size: 2mb

    An upbeat and energetic little tune that will burrow into your skull should you ever play the game. Don't try and fight it.

    Music 2

    Length: 2:04

    File size: 1.9mb

    I always remember this track as the "downbeat" one, though it's not really, it's still got the distinctive bounce the whole soundtrack has.

    Music 3

    Length: 2:38

    File size: 2.4mb

    A more frenetic tune with a much faster tempo. I always felt it clashed with the slow and methodical gameplay.

    Pop Up

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales (credited as Joe McAlby)

    Console: Game Boy

    The game's only got one song, though when Alberto is at the helm, you know it can't be too bad.

    Main Theme

    Length: 3:07

    File size: 3.47mb

    It's not up there with the Bomb Jack or Metal Masters compositions, but for a game about a sentient ball trying to rescue his girlfriend (also sentient and spherical) by travelling through time and collecting random objects, it ain't a bad song. Quite catchy, if I dare say.

    [NEW!] Protect Me Knight

    Artist: Yuzo Koshiro

    Console: Xbox 360

    What the Xbox Live Indie Games service was made for: rockin' chiptunes by Yuzo Koshiro!


    Length: 1:18

    File size: 2mb

    Pretty funky boss theme.

    Staff Roll

    Length: 1:33

    File size: 2.4mb

    Red Dwarf

    Artist: Howard Goodall

    Console: n/a (TV show)

    You wouldn't think a comedy about sexually frustrated people in space would be a good source for great atmospheric music, but here we are! Only my super favourites are here - you can find the rest at the Red Dwarf Section.

    Observation Deck

    Length: 1:30

    File size: 1.2mb

    I've said it on the blog, I've said it in the episode reviews, I've said it on the Red Dwarf music page... I love the Observation Deck theme. It's sad and it's melancholy and it's wistful and I heart it so much.

    Ruin Explorers

    Artist: Rica Matsuomto, Kumi Konno

    Console: n/a (anime)

    Yup, it's an anime. It has some fantastic orchestral stuff performed by The Versailles Chamber Orchestra, but sadly, there's no soundtrack of that - you'll have to settle with the opening and ending themes instead. Bummer!
    (you can read my coverage of the episodes at Random Action Hour!)

    Magical Beat! (TV-size)

    Length: 1:30

    File size: 1.2mb

    Some J-Pop. If you know the lyrics it adds quite nicely to the fantasy theme.

    Magical Beat! (full)

    Length: 4:54

    File size: 6.7mb

    The same, but longer!

    DEAR MYSELF - A Time Capsule to Myself

    Length: 2:06

    File size: 1.9mb

    A melancholy song! You know I love sappy stuff like this.


    Artist: unknown

    Console: Game Boy

    A game about robot snakes trying to strangle the shit out of each other. Quite possibly the greatest thing ever on Game Boy.

    We Are The Alpha Force

    Length: 2:53

    File size: 2.6mb

    A great track for an epic snake fight. Not so much for casual listening, especially when it ends on such a crummy riff (because a snake fight that lasts for over two minutes is not a good snake fight), but there's some decent bits here and there.


    Length: 1:12

    File size: 1.1mb

    I only assume this is the ending because I'm too lazy to play the game to the end (if any!). A quirky, chirpy little jiggy.

    Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad

    Artist: World Wide Wave

    Console: NeoGeo

    Boobs, blood and bombs. Also, techno rock.


    Length: 1:12

    File size: 1mb

    Dangerously funky, or just plain obnoxious? Why, both, of course!

    The Smurfs

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales

    Console: Game Boy

    See who the music composer is? Yep. That's the only reason I sought out the game.

    Intro (second half)

    Length: 1:37

    File size: 1.1mb

    Because I can't let the single downbeat song pass me by without recording it.

    Act 5: The Sarsaparilla Fields

    Length: 2:13

    File size: 1.5mb

    Good ol' rompin' about music.

    Act 6: The Mountains

    Length: 2:30

    File size: 1.7mb

    More rompin'!

    Act 7: The Flight of the Stork

    Length: 1:35

    File size: 1.1mb

    For a tiny blue gnome guy riding a bird, this is rockin' stuff.

    [NEW!] Snowboard Kids

    Artist: Isao Kasai, Tomohiko Satou

    Console: Nintendo 64

    One of those strange cases where I'm in love with the instrumentation rather than the actual music.

    Sunset Rock

    Length: 2:06

    File size: 2.1mb

    Board Shop

    Length: 2:05

    File size: 2.1mb

    The racing themes are fair enough, but the game's best track is shoved away in a menu you'll only visit a few times.

    Street Fighter II (Game Boy)

    Artist: [unknown]

    Console: Game Boy

    Ahahaha. Hoo boy. This is a bad game. You'd find a better fighting game experience in a box of Corn Flakes. That said, it's got nifty Mega Man-esque chippy recreations of the arcade tunes.

    Title screen

    Length: 0:31

    File size: 215kb

    I can't hear this without imagining a video game based off the Street Fighter cartoon. Now that would've been rad.

    Ryu's Theme

    Length: 1:03

    File size: 431kb

    We've heard it in a million games by now, but hearing it in 8-bit is pretty neat.

    Guile's Theme

    Length: 1:18

    File size: 528kb

    The all-purpose song.

    Ending (Chun-Li)

    Length: 1:27

    File size: 575kb

    Pretty nice tune fit for an ending screen. Cheers to RQ87 for correcting me on where this is played!

    Streets of Rage

    Artist: Yuzo Koshiro

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive

    Jump-kicking fat dudes and chiptune jazz.

    The Streets of Rage

    Length: 1:40

    File size: 1.6mb

    The intro theme. Not quite as upbeat as the rest of the game's soundtrack, but you should know the kind of songs I dig by now.

    Super Mario Land

    Artist: Hirokazu Tanaka

    Console: Game Boy

    It's old and it's dumb and it's clunky but gosh darn it, I can't help but love the silly game.


    Length: 1:44

    File size: 1.2mb

    One of the million billion melancholy songs that I love.

    Super Mario Land 2

    Artist: Kazumi Totaka

    Console: Game Boy

    The soundtrack is rather typical bouncy Mario affair, though it's all rather forgettable. There's a couple of semi-decent tunes here and there, though.

    Space Zone 2

    Length: 1:41

    File size: 1.9mb

    I'm no big fan of auto-scrolling stages, but this one isn't too bad, and I guess I can forgive it when it has a totally unique (and catchy!) piece of music all to itself.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - Radical Rescue

    Artist: M. Matsuhira & A. Jyuichiya

    Console: Game Boy

    A neat little Metroidvania, and some great Konami-style tracks to get you all ninja'd up.

    Story scene

    Length: 0:55

    File size: 638kb

    Kinda funky.

    Main Theme

    Length: 1:29

    File size: 1mb

    Okay, it's only heard in, like, two rooms in the entire game, but it's the Ninja Turtles theme in chiptune! What's not to like?

    West Cave

    Length: 1:32

    File size: 1mb

    None of the areas have real names, so this is just my best guess.

    Techno zone

    Length: 1:35

    File size: 1.1mb



    Artist: Hirokazu Tanaka

    Console: Game Boy

    Peeps love their Korobeiniki.

    High Score

    Length: 1:00

    File size: 1mb

    Yep, I love me some sad-sounding songs. I include this only because Flying Omelette excluded it from her music rips of the game.

    Turok - Battle of the Bionosaurs

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales

    Console: Game Boy

    Haven't touched the game, but if you're knifing the crap out of bionic dinosaurs then it can't be that bad.

    Stage Theme

    Length: 2:07

    File size: 1.95mb

    Dig them drum beats.

    Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales

    Console: Game Boy

    I played it for a few minutes and kind of regretted it. But hey, Alberto Gonzales!

    Stage 1

    Length: 2:07

    File size: 1.95mb

    I can't say it fit the gameplay well, but it's another decent McAlby track.

    UEFA 2000

    Artist: Alberto Gonzales (credited as Joe McAlby)

    Console: Game Boy

    I don't give a toss about football, but I do give a toss about Alberto Gonzales!

    Title Screen

    Length: 1:27

    File size: 1:3mb

    Frenetic little chip tune. Simple as heck, but I love it.

    Match Settings

    Length: 0:47

    File size: 738kb

    Well, it's not much more than options screen music.

    Match Results

    Length: 2:11

    File size: 2mb

    Ain't a bad little track, nearly techno at parts.


    Length: 2:06

    File size: 1.9mb

    I couldn't be bothered playing until this song came up, so I'll just pretend it's the ending and save myself some hassle.

    Ultimate Teacher

    Artist: Komekome Club

    Console: n/a (OVA)

    One of the dumbest - and one of the greatest - OVAs I have ever seen. Read all about it at Random Action Hour!


    Length: 8:00

    File size: 7.3mb

    How do you define something like this? J-Rock? J-Funk? Whatever it is, I love it.
    Cheers to portnoi88 for hooking me up with the full-length version!


    Artist: Jon Holland

    Console: SEGA Mega Drive

    Shooting dudes with fancy graphics. Music's okay, too.

    Title (PAL)

    Length: 1:09

    File size: 1.3mb

    Some snazzy techno. Personally, I prefer the slower pace when played in PAL mode - the regular NTSC speed makes it seem like the artist is churning it out as quickly as possible so he can get his paycheck.
    Just a heads up for headphone users, the beginning 'dial tone' part is a bit killer on the ears, so watch out.

    Wario Land 4

    Artist: Ryoji Yoshitomi

    Console: Game Boy Advance

    While the music fits with the strange and rather random world it takes place in, outside of gameplay a lot of it is just rather bland or annoying. I give props to the sound guys for being experimental (a lot of tunes seem to exist solely to recreate realistic sound effects with the GBA sound chip), though there's only a few songs I'd happily listen to on their own. Despite Wario revelling in being crass and loud, the best tunes are actually the quiet, melancholy ones. Huh.
    This was recorded using the GSF rip of the music, so the quality might vary from actual in-game sound.

    Monsoon Jungle

    Length: 3:10

    File size: 3.6mb

    My absolute favourite song in the game; a quiet, strumming little guitar tune set to the sound of drums and pattering rain. Beautifully little song, and it bonds very nicely with the visuals of the level.

    Wildflower Fields

    Length: 4:51

    File size: 5.55mb

    Another quiet strumming tune, though this has more of a dream-like "lazy days" vibe about it, with frogs croaking in the background. I don't like the sound of the harmonica-like instrument (or whatever the very first thing heard is), its low-quality sample jars badly against the rest of the sounds, but it's still a nice, quiet tune.


    Length: 3:19

    File size: 3.8mb

    The theme to Palmtree Paradise. This version was actually ripped from the unlockable karaoke version (by recording the backing track and the vocal GSF sounds separately and then mixing them). A little more upbeat than the others, though still a very laidback, lazy feel to it, with some Japanese vocals.

    Wario's Woods

    Artist: Shinobu Amayake, Soyo Oka

    Console: NES

    Well, it's a Mario puzzle game, it's not exactly going to be the source of absolutely superb music. It's got some cute ditties, I guess. Only my super favourites are here - you can find the rest at the Wario's Woods shrine.

    Staff Roll (unused variant)

    Length: 0:42

    File size: 483kb

    Yeah, my favourite track in the NES game is a strange mangling of the staff roll and Wario's theme into one. Look, I never said this music page was going to be a bright idea.

    Wrecking Crew '98

    Artist: Takane Ohkubo

    Console: Super Nintendo

    You'd think a competitive puzzle game would have music to hype you up, but half the tunes are so quiet they make you fall asleep. Not that it's a good game to begin with.

    Staff Roll

    Length: 1:26

    File size: 1.1mb

    It's pretty sad when the staff roll is the best tune in the game.

    Yoshi's Story

    Artist: Kazumi Totaka

    Console: Nintendo 64

    My thoughts on the game are probably best reserved for a place where I can rant in length. I will admit the music is fitting, if just for the entirely wrong reasons, and I like the idea of one recurring riff being done in various styles throughout the game - I just wish that riff wasn't as annoying as it is, and the various styles it was performed in weren't as obnoxious as they were. C'est la vie.

    Ending Story

    Length: 3:44

    File size: 5.14mb

    A gentle strumming of guitar with a helping of clarinet. Not the best combination, but it is quite a nice little tune. Then at the two minute mark the Yoshis start "singing" along. And they don't stop until the last thirty seconds. I won't deny I was real tempted to just fade out at that point.

    Yoshi's Disco

    Length: 0:50

    File size: 1.16mb

    One of my beefs with the soundtrack is that it may do most of it right (like the Ending Story, which is fine until the Yoshis barge in), but usually it screws it up in some extraneous inclusion. This one has a very funky slap-bass backing track (though I'm sure it isn't slap-bass), and then it throws an awkard clarinet on top. It does not gel well.