I like sprites. I see them as some kind of art, sort of like a simplified, not-quite-there version of typical cartoon animation. Except for video games. I used to do edits and customs of sprites, but they were pretty horrendous (and they're included for analysing purposes or if your standards are low!) so I mostly just rip stuff now. Minimal interest in sprite comics or sprite movies, though, except for the occasional one.

And a warning, a lot of the text here is just me rambling, so feel free to just ignore it all and just check the sprites out. Ever since the organisation update ages ago there's been a load of broken links thanks to me being a terrible person; you can browse the directory to avoid that problem. Some of the sheets are disorganised in their animations but that's not much of a problem am i rite


Terms of use? If you're just to use them unedited, no biggy, feel free to give credit if you want (but just don't claim them as your own because time and effort boyee). If you're going to edit them, I'd like an acknowledgement instead of just nothing. If you're using them for something that'll be made public on the internet, it'd be pretty neat if I was informed. I've a track record of only finding out about things ages after they start.

And yeah, I know the disclaimers on the sheets clash with this, but who'd want to reword all of them? Not me.


Before you come and ask me things or say bad things behind my back at an obscure message board, check the nags, questions and whatnot at the bottom.


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Because I'm unpopular in sprite communities, things tend to come up when I attempt to take part in such communities that I steal sprites and am a fatty thief and blah blah blah.

Firstly, all the sheets here? I have stolen none of them (well, aside from the ones I mention in their descriptions about stealing and origins). A number of them may already have already been ripped by other people, but the most I've stolen were the base for that Koopa sheet, and whomever made that base, I thank them. I may have used sprites ripped by somebody else for an edit, but that's it.

That cursors sheet was ripped before I was aware of Joe Echidna's rip of it, but ultimately I prefer his due to better layout. Whatever else is considered thieving is not, I assure you. And for the love of God, I'd really be less pissed if it was actually brought it up to me instead of saying it on some underground message boards I would never go to.


I can't help but notice some people are directly linking to this page. I'd prefer it if they just linked to the main page, but it's no bother. I'd just like people to know that I also spend time making stupid movies and writing stupid articles.


I appreciate the interest in wanting some of my sprites on your site, but I simply prefer to stick with sites I know well.


I understand that the Sonic Rush ending sprites are desperately wanted and I'll be glad to get them so there'll be less ugly customs everywhere, but they're compressed in a different way that although I can access it with unLZ-GBA, it's rather awkwardly laid out and not quite as pleasant to do as the regular, uncompressed sprites. Maybe sometime, but not now.

And yeah, I know how I've done some DS ripping, but I'm not a magic man who can get everything you ask.

And no, the Egg Pawns weren't ripped from JPG screenshots, originally the COLOURS were gotten from those until the real ones were extracted. Honestly, shut up.


People I'd like to thank include:

Random Talking Bush, for simply being a pleasant guy and assisting me when it comes to palettes for games that are difficult to emulate, namely Sonic Rush, Bomberman Party Edition, Chocobo Racing and the like. I'm serious, I keep underestimating just how nice he is.

Someguy, for showing me how Cheat Engine works, therefore making sprite ripping from Super Princess Peach a doddle. Also makes for great fangame discussion!

Techokami, for explaining how the Sonic Rush compression works, saving me from having to rip the boring crap from that like checkpoints and springs, and providing me with the Game & Watch Gallery 4 ROM.

Raccoon Sam, for letting me use his sheet of Morton Jr. Koopa, even if it just meant letting me use the layout because I had to rip them all over again anyway.

Dazz, for working me up this handy dandy PHP system that makes things a whole lot more streamlined! Seriously, mega thanks. Everyone thanked is great, but making the organisation here better is just wonderful.

And maybe other people.