SONIC AWESOME is the first fan game I've made since 2001 or 2002, and it's so awesome it will KICK YOUR FACE.




3---The game





The fifteenth of November 2006, and Galvatron and I are doing our usual ramblings, and were discussing games like Sonic and Metal Slug where even numerous years after I first played them and I'm still finding new things in them, and then it somehow diverted to us saying we should make our own Sonic game.

<Ragey> we should totally make our own sonic game
<Galvatron> with shooting and fighting since that's all i play
<Galvatron> although I'm beginning to play racing games again so we can have caar combat sections too
<Ragey> sonic r with gungs
<Ragey> the extra g is for GORE
<Galvatron> oh man I declare a box art contest rite now
<Galvatron> ok you win I can't be bothered to make mine now.

We immediately changed the subject and played Halo, but unknown to him, I actually set about making a real game out of it on The Games Factory.



I made a title screen and two levels on that day, and promptly gave up and went onto other things.

But then on the 23rd of January 2007, I was in a discussion with Someguy/Dinner Sonic about fan games, him talking about his plans for an awesome Super Mario Land sequel, and I slipped SONIC AWESOME into the conversation. He uttered "oh my god this is the best ever" and told me "You need to release that", which prompted me to start working on it again.

The day after, it was finished!

However, not all my ideas were worked in, mainly due to laziness. Shadow's level was originally "TAKE A BULLET FOR SHADOW BEFORE HE COMMITS SUICIDE", but was changed to simply giving him a self-help book.


Another level involved leading Rouge to a toilet to purge, with either a timer before the internal explosion or clearing enemies out of her way, but I thought "screw that too much effort and it'd be boring and gross" so she only appears in the ending. And really, that is just gross.



Is of typical TGF standards. Default platform engine, path-following enemies, and wonky jumping. But it's AWESOME.

If those don't make you want to play it then I DON'T KNOW WHAT WILL.



Screenshots should help.




And you can finally download the stupid thing. The required DLL files are included, as well as instructions.