last updated: 31-DEC-2019

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What is this?

Games I Own, Like & Hate began as an attempt to catalogue everything in my game collection, while also keeping track of when I had bought them, whether or not they were still in my possession, and how far I had progressed in them. Now it's kind of a dumping ground for any half-assed opinion I can write up about them. How things change!

What should I know about your reviews?

I'm biased as beans.
My definition for what makes a great game is rather loosely defined; sometimes I like a game for its challenge, sometimes some sweet graphics can tide me over, and then there are times when I'll just pull any old reason out of my ass to justify me gushing about it.
This little section has been running since 2006, I think (good grief!), and my thoughts on things have changed substantially along the line. Quite often some reviews just don't reflect what I currently think. If I care enough I might try and re-assess them sometime!

How does your rating system work?

It works with numbers. :/
It's a five-point scale. Reviews used to be measured out of ten, but then I realised I just didn't have enough opinions to justify having so many numbers at my disposal (some old reviews will still make reference to the 10-point scale, though). These giant brightly coloured faces should explain everything sufficiently:

4 out of 4

Frig yeah! Reserved for games that are super awesome and more often than not hold a special place in my heart. Expect to see to see a lot of Nintendo bias here. Sorry.

3 out of 4

Alright! They might lack a certain something to be considered super awesome in my book, but they're still undoubtedly fun games.

2 out of 4

Not bad, but not great. A perfectly average video gaming experience; for better or for worse. No doubt the most common score available.

1 out of 4

Rather lousy. If I'm feeling optimistic I might pass it off as having good ideas shrouded by poor execution, but quite often it's just a shitty game.

0 out of 4

Totally freakin' irredeemable, man. Any discussion related to it is no doubt going to be filled with colourful threats of self-harm before even touching it.