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Some games I played in 2018

eyyy nothing better than updating your web browser only to find the newest version of my plugins stink and it now displays foreign language text in a needlessly bulky font, ruining my otherwise lovingly-spaced page designs. I dread to see what it’s done to the Bomberman shrine! What’s new this month? Scans & Bits has […]

Some comics I read in 2017

Another year’s about to wrap up, so you know what that means – I write dumb opinions about media I barely remember! I know, I’m sorry too. I’d no intention of doing a full article, and even the abbreviated list for last year was just too boring to go through again… but I still had […]

ONM Remembered – #280

“Go mental, go Mewtwo” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 97 (October 2000)

“He’ll never be the head of a major corporation.”

My dad, a friend and I planned to go see Green Lantern last night, only to be told it had been pulled. How long has the movie been out? I’ve heard offhand remarks about the movie’s crumminess, but I didn’t know it was bad enough to be pulled so quick! On the bright side, Transformers: […]

Rental night!

Paid another visit to Xtravision today, where I rented Transformers: War for Cybertron, Prince of Egypt, and Space Chimps. The last one was at my father’s choice. He’s got a thing for all things simian. Just a head’s up – this entry’s gonna be looooong and largely about Transformers. Just a warning for the many […]

Ingestor and victory!

Yikes, how many weeks has it been without a new blog entry? I didn’t exactly mean to give the impression I’d died or gone textually mute or something, but I didn’t exactly have anything worth saying, either. Regarding site updates…