Captain N: The Game Master

by Ragey

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Season 3

Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods

Pursuit of the Magic Hoop Return to Castlevania
Totally Tetrisized A Tale of Two Dogs Battle of the Baseball Know-It-Alls
The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N


where can I watch this?

Since the series is tied with the Super Mario World and apparently requires both to be included on the same DVD or some rights bull honky I don't understand or care about, season 3 wasn't on the "Complete Collection" of the series. Australian company MRA Entertainment first released them both as three volumes and a box set of those discs, where the opening intros are only seen when choosing Play All, the ending credits are completely absent, and the video quality isn't as good as it could be.

Then Shout Factory released the series in the US, with nothing really out of the blue either. The video transfer apparently hasn't been remastered, though in this day and age we've gotten used to that kind of shafting.

Amazon US: Captain N and the New Super Mario World