A Tale of Two Dogs


Up on over in Video Land, Dr. Wily has decided to join Dr. Light in making the world a safer place, and they do so by creating a ridiculous robot based off both a smiley face and the peace symbol. Just to prove that the good guys are total sissies, Dr. Wily says he'll back with his new control device before you can say "peace."

Not even a minute into the episode and Wily reveals that he just plans to pinch the peace-making robot and use it to take over Video Land, but not before Mega Man returns from Top Land with the last Energy Tank to power it.


And by Top Land, of course he means Top Man's stage from Mega Man 3, where Kevin and Mega Man are debating over which of their dogs is superior, Duke or Rush. The argument is cut short by the appearance of a giant robotic cat, which shoots a ball of yarn at them which multiplies when shot, although they're quickly taken care of while Duke chases after the robot cat. The scarf-wearing dog soon disappears out of sight, so they zoom ahead on Rush Jet to catch up with him, shooting various flying tops along the way.


They find him barking at Top Man, who is quickly taken care of by a crappy joke and drops the Energy Tank. Kevin considers Duke the hero of the day for "sniffing out Top Man", even though he was just at the end of a long, straight tunnel, while Mega Man says they wouldn't be here without Rush Jet, despite the fact they could've just walked, and so on and so forth.

Back at the lab, they insert the Energy Tank, so all they need is Wily's control device. However, before he can be evil, he needs Kevin and Mega Man out of the way, and how to do that? With their dogs, of course.


They pop on over to the beach supposedly for rest and relaxation, but it's more just to make their dogs compete in dangerous sports for their amusement; despite one of the advantages of robots being their refined skills and so on, Rush wipes out on his surf board, although Mega Man comforts him on his loss. The Frisbee game ends disastrously, as when jumping to grab it, the two dogs accidentally leap into a warp hole leading to Dr. Wily's fortress. Normal events in the Captain N universe, I assure you. Mega Man ponders over why Wily would kidnap their dogs, while Kevin just answers "like I said, once a sleazoid, always a sleazoid," and they chase after them.


In no time at all they find the cell they're kept in, but as Mega Man steps back to blast open the door, Wily's robot lackey Doc Robot activates the trap door beneath them, dumping them into a pool of water. Robot snapping turtles are also dropped in, and have a hunger for our heroes while Dr. Wily keeps cracking non-stop gags. Kevin's Zapper isn't water proofed, and apparently neither is Mega's Buster, but he does remember that he has Shadow Man's weapon, the Shadow Blade, and lobs it at one of the pipe's buttons, which sucks everything out, turtles and heroes included. Convenience strikes when Mega Man finds a grate, removes it and they climb into the sewers of the castle.

Is it just me, or did that whole sequence seem familiar to you?


Because the third season of Transformers did the same frigging thing, except with robot piranhas, and the Quintessons actually watched them fight instead of going about their other plans. And they actually got to fight the piranhas before being rescued by helicopter, unlike Mega and Kevin who just get to watch them snap their jaws before sucking them up.


And then they end up on the planet Goo and one of them is sucked up by a trash collector and turned into scrap, although the grief means nothing as he's made good as new in the next episode. Transformers isn't quite my cup of tea. Where were we?


Dr. Wily, keeping up his terrible villain act, goes to pinch the peace machine before confirming that the do-gooders are toast, leaving the dim-witted Doc Robot to keep an eye on things.

Elsewhere, Rush and Duke dig out of their cell just before their owners bust through the wall, and through a series of events I fail to understand, crush Doc Robot under a pipe and make the Skull Castle sneeze them out.


They land safely, where Dr. Light hops out of a warp hole and warns them that Wily has pinched the peace machine, who appears right behind them and starts firing lasers. Kevin demonstrates that giving robots pain is a weird idea by firing at the robot's foot, causing it to burn and hop around against Wily's control. He continues the threats, only for Rush and Duke to fly up, drop a rock through his wind shield and a beehive through the gap, resulting in hilarity and more robotics wackiness as not only does Wily run around the room, but so does the peace robot until it topples over and is destroyed.


Wily, still being chased by bees, runs far into the distance while Light contemplates what got into him, but doesn't say "what" got into him, whether it was being good or being bad or whatever. Rush and Duke land down again, the former of them comments "something must've been BUGGING him!", also resulting in an unnecessary "you can talk!" moment with Kevin and Mega Man before the dogs decide screw this, let's just go for a typical dogs-lick-masters-while-laughing ending.


With the addition of a zoom-in on Dr. Light, showing the world how he's creepy as hell.

Dr. Light looks awful in green.