Having survived two twenty-two minute long seasons of inaccurate-to-source-material video gaming action, Captain N made it to a third season where the wonders of the year 1990 would be unleashed upon them for further exciting exploits!


That is if they hadn't cut the show down to ten minutes. And made only seven episodes, the rest just being trimmed versions of older episodes.


Filling a twenty minute block with Super Mario World, a show that underwent the same change in format, Captain N: The Game Master continues to be about mastering games with the adventures of the N Team, but things went downhill. The plots got stupider, the art went on a decline, and depending on if you count a folktale character as a superstar, three of the episodes focus around celebrity guest appearances helping out the heroes on all sorts of wacky antics. And four of the games covered aren't licensed from celebrities endorsements or movies.


I'll be blunt; Captain N hasn't really got any nostalgic meaning to me, considering I never saw it in my younger years. Channel4 evidently showed it along with Super Mario Bros. 3, but all I ever caught was the title card when recording it. I'm almost ashamed, as I lived and breathed video games in my yonder years and I'm sure I would've loved the show, absurd plots and all, regardless of what a Mary Sue the titular character is (except when he's not) and just how dull Princess Lana is as a character. I only got a true experience of the show when buying the Super Mario World DVD, wherein I had the sense to look at it cynically and not with wonder.


People who were once fans of the show often now look back at it with shame and disgrace, wondering just how they could've enjoyed such nonsensical tripe. After all, season 3 looks ugly, flows idiotically and makes a shameful end for the series.


I, however, almost wish I could've had the chance to feel that way, but instead I'm just laughing and enjoying a stupid old cartoon I have no nostalgic ties with. I've no true beef with it. But I want to, just so I can feel disgraced.

I wish for the darndest things!


It's a fun show. I suggest watching it.



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