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ONM Remembered – #93

“The sun has got its hat on…” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 89 (February 2000)

ONM Remembered – #52

“FUGINELL!!!” from 64 Solutions volume 2 (11 December 1997)

“It was a nice thought, G.”

I rented Shadows of the Damned and finished it on Wednesday. I kinda knew nothing about the game – all I’d watched was the Two Best Friends Play video of it, and didn’t think much about it. Saw it for rental and thought “why not.” It’s the perfect game for a five day rental! Garcia […]

Chimp my ride

I’m like half a month too late to offer a punctual response, but the blog’s up and running again. Flying Omelette tells me Dreamhost had been upgrading their servers, and that must’ve prompted some crummy coding in the WordPress database to screw up… we think. I’m still not entirely sure what happened, but it’s up […]

Aw, you’re all heart, sonny.

Given my status as a rampant Nintendo fanboy, you’d think I’d have talked about Donkey Kong Country Returns by now, right? I haven’t even so much as mentioned it since the time it was shown at E3, and the game’s been out, what, over two weeks now in the UK? Well, truth is, I only […]