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The Random Hoo Haas revamp is here!

Site-wide revamp is uploaded and online. Most sections have been given an overhaul, some stuff has been tweaked, and some stuff has just been ported. New content includes Games I Own reviews, some new General Writings and a new shrine, and maybe other stuff. Who knows. I haven’t had a chance to do any proper […]


Site progress: Kinda sorta nearly done! It’s mostly just a manner of tying everything together and fixing up the loose ends, though that’s probably going to be a bit gruelling. I’m hoping to have to done and uploaded by mid-June, but we’ll see what happens. I’m a mite concerned that after nearly a year of […]

We belong dead.

Well, things have been slow and awkward this month. Northern Ireland has been swamped with heavy rain and ferocious winds that’s kinda kept me indoors until yesterday, and life as a whole has been very meandering and sluggish. I get by, but it ain’t the most enjoyable of predicaments.

By Hemsworth’s nipples!

I’m getting increasingly concerned about how quickly this year is skimming me by. Are we really nearly halfway through? That’s not fair, mang! Well, what is there for me to say? From the viewpoint of a productive mindset, I’ve done a lot of work on the perpetually-upcoming site revamp, and although slowly progressing, it’s coming […]

The most exciting of super updates is here!

Would you believe that Random Action Hour updated today? Really! And technically it’s the first step towards the Random Hoo Haas site revamp! Admittedly it’s the crappiest of the revamps because all I’ve done is rearrange the directories (linking to the ol’ “Cartoons/” directory will forward you to the new “rah/” index) and removed a […]

You can take the panda out of the jungle…

It’s headlines like this that make me pay attention to the world around me. Thank you, Yahoo! News. I wonder if I should ever bother with those “what have I been up to?” summaries when there’s a new entry after some absence, because lately it boils down to “bog all.” I’ve been playing Castlevania HD, […]

Let’s Go Tango in Paris

It’s funny how bad I am at planning things. I’ll totally have the site redesign finished to a reasonably functional degree by the end of the year, sure! And here I am, with the redesign still in its planning stages, and a bazillion unfinished projects littered around me. For instance, this badge of a frighteningly […]

There’s no such thing as a free panda

Ugh. Designing a new layout for the various bits of the site isn’t too bad, and I’d dare say it’s actually mildly entertaining. Porting old content into the new layout is an entirely joyless affair that makes me want to cry, though. Why did I think this was a good idea? SITE UPDATES ARE POSTPONED […]

Ingestor and victory!

Yikes, how many weeks has it been without a new blog entry? I didn’t exactly mean to give the impression I’d died or gone textually mute or something, but I didn’t exactly have anything worth saying, either. Regarding site updates…

“Your wife has a lovely neck.”

I said I’d have an update prepared for October, didn’t I? I’m really sorry I haven’t anything to show. I am working on a couple of things, but I haven’t really had the motivation to do as much work on them as I’d like to, partly because my attempts at improving my web design skills […]

“[…] classic sci-fi that will delight fans with its painstaking recreation of an alien world […]”

Lost and found? Yes, I’d like to know what happened to my weekend. October’s halfway over and nobody even told me? I am very unhappy with this, you guys! Mind you, I’m totally to blame. I’ve been trying to find a means of updating the Games I Own section so it’ll be easier to manage […]

“It’s like turning your radio dial to K-I-L-L.”

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if that previous entry was the last one ever? Just been busy with work lately, so I wouldn’t be surprised if August slips us by without a single update. As always I’ve got a fair few ideas of stuff I want to do, it’s more just a matter of having the […]

Who wants to hear the nags of an indecisive webmaster?

Haven’t been up to much at all lately, I’m afraid. Life is mildly busy – mildly busy in the sense that I have stuff to do, even though said stuff is not exactly interesting, productive or even worth bothering with, but I guess just doing it is better than raising a stink about the issue. […]

With additional dialogue by William Shakespeare

I began watching the first series of Blackadder a week or so ago and finished the last episode tonight. Although I’m not as familiar with the series as I’d like to be, I positively love Blackadder Goes Forth, and I always love seeing how series can start off so humbly. The series truly shines with […]

What happened to the ostrich?

You ever get that feeling where you don’t really wake up from a holiday? Like you’re so used to being a complete lazy bastard that you forget your regular life has its occasional periods of productivity every once in a while? Yeah, that’s what I’m having lately. I don’t think it helped that before I […]

Who wants to hear about mummers?

I’m back. I actually returned home yesterday but I’ve kind of been such a lazy unproductive ass for so long that I was truly unable to write anything. Despite the fact that I’d been keeping a crude journal of my days away, so I could have just copied something from it and through a few […]

If there’s a zombie apocolypse I am so taking a crate load of Kleenex

Y’know, when I started the WordPress one of my ideas was to have a stupid piece of doodling included in each entry, just to liven things up a little. If this is the kind of pleasant imagery I’m going to include, might be best if I didn’t. If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve got a cold […]

The vision never dies / Life’s a never ending wheel

And so ends the episode coverage of Cadillacs And Dinosaurs. It’s been an entertaining run, and I’m glad to have given a bit of attention to a cartoon I actually like and not just something I covered solely because it’s a video game adaptation (it was nice to have an opportunity to riff on their […]

Welcome to the new blog!

It only took me about nearly a year of loitering around, procrastinating and pestering from Wes before I finally went ahead with it, and the final result is this – the Random Hoo Haas blog is on WordPress! Yes, it uses a frighteningly ugly default template and I’ve barely got testing it properly, but that […]

I once wrote a story where a guy’s fart killed a man

Current mood: ehhh Listening to: Just Love – The Strawbs (yeah the name’s a bit dorky but my god is it rockin’) When I’m mildly depressed (read: unable to be adequately productive), I tend to look back at things I did earlier in life and just think it over, and although it’s a pretty dumb […]