ONM Remembered – #192

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“If Nintendo (and any other companies) did this more often, I’d be a happy bunny.”

of all the letters i did send to magazines, this was probably the least embarrassing. doesn't speak much of me, does it?

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 135 (December 2003)

It’s no embarrassing photograph, but it’ll do.
Back in the day when I had nothing better to do (HA!), I wrote an email to ONM’s letters page, apparently up in arms about some issue or another.
Reading it now, I can scarcely make out what point I was trying to make. “The Game Boy Advance is deluged in ports and rereleases – which I disapprove of – but please make more ports and rereleases?” I’m almost certain I had a bee in my bonnet about some game not reaching our shores, but heck if I know what that was. It’s a really lousy letter (the original message I sent before it got edited was even wafflier, though mercifully lost to time), but it must have had enough of a message to get featured. Not that the bar is high – tell ’em you love Bulbasaur and they’ll write back saying “right on”.

Games services do seem to be a bit better about making old games more accessible these days – alongside sites like Good Old Games and whatnot, the three big consoles have some sort of outlet for oldies; they’ve got their problems, but it’s a neat gesture. It is such a pain that so many old companies have expired or straight up don’t care, and the chance of seeing their old stuff is slim to nil. Where’s my Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon rerelease, Konami? >:V

Big ups to Rage Quitter 87 for sending this to me all of eight years ago. And happy birthday to Random Hoo Haas, which turns nine years old today! The maturity of my arguments have not changed one whit in all those years. What a legacy.

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