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“Look, girls! It’s our boy with no pants!”

What horrible events have prevented me from updating the blog in a whole week? Not much. I’ve just been a bit of vegetable, really. You’ve heard it a dozen times – I want to be productive, but being a lazy bastard is just that much more appealing. Didn’t I say I was going to have […]

Liam Neeson as the man with no skin

Watched Darkman. Scientist tries to create artificial skin, but it can last only one hundred minutes in daylight before it melts. He’s then blown up because of mobster activity (in the first of several possibly unintentionally hilarious moments – you could add the Goofy scream and you’d hardly tell it was a dramatic moment!) and […]

Saurod, we hardly knew ye

Was it really just eleven years ago that people thought the Dancing Baby was hip and fresh? Ah, shareware CDs. My personal gateway into knowing what was popular a decade ago. This originated from PC Format magazine, issue 92 (February 1999!), and I had really high hopes for it. It had demos for Rogue Squadron […]

“And I kicked his ass so hard he saw the curvature of the Earth.”

I went to see Scott Pilgrim last night. While Resident Evil: Degeneration is a video game movie in atmosphere and overall vibe, Scott Pilgrim is effectively a video game movie in visuals, action, and general corniness. And it works so, so well. … do I really need to explain the story? I mean, I’m pretty […]

The Deadly Language Barrier

Am I doomed to having nothing interesting to talk about besides what movie I’ve seen lately? It’s geting a little boring having nothing of interest to discuss outside of some moving pictures. I watched The Ruins, an idle suggestion I received and then I promptly spoiled everything about it for myself before watching. American tourists […]

Longstride and the Attack of the Eye Creatures

Crap, I just remembered I went to see Robin Hood last week and I didn’t even write my thoughts on it! Man, I’m lazier than I thought, and I can’t even blame the cold on that one.

The Doctor versus vengeful space insects

I didn’t watch the new episode of Doctor Who because I was playing LEGO Chess and watching some old-timey films on 3D Movie Maker, so let’s assume what happened instead!