Super Bomberman 4


The goal of each stage is to destroy all enemies. Once all enemies, an exit warp will appear to take you to the stage. Every 7th stage is a fight against a member of the Bomber Shittenou, and every 8th stage is a boss battle. Defeating the boss will allow you to progress to the next world.

You are given a variable amount of time to complete each stage; if the timer runs out, it's the same as losing a life.
Alongside the usual items hidden in soft blocks, there are eggs. Collecting an egg will grant Bomberman a creature to ride on. See the eggs section for details.
You can also play the Normal Game in 2-player co-operative mode; White and Black Bomber must work together to complete each stage. Just watch those bombs!

After completing a stage or getting a game over, you can revisit stages and areas you have completed. Completing or dying on a revisited stage will return you to the map screen.

There are 5 stages with 8 stages in each (except Stage 5, which has 5 areas). There are 37 areas in total.

Battle Game

Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.


Control Pad Move the player.
A Button Lay a bomb. Use the Power Glove. Double-tap to use the Line Bomb.
B Button Detonate remote bomb. Use special abilities in Battle Game.
Y Button Use creature ability. Use Punch or Push abilities.
X Button Stop a kicked bomb.
Start Button Pause the game.

Fire / ファイアー

Increases bomb blast radius by 1. Maximum of 10.

Full Fire / フルファイアー

Increases bomb blast radius to maximum.

Bomb Up / ボムアップ

Supplies you with an extra bomb. Maximum of 8.

Speed Up / スピードアップ

Increases movement speed. Maximum of 6.

Geta / ゲタ

Decreases walking speed.

Remote Control / リモコン

Allows bombs to be remotely detonated any time you want with a push of the B Button.

Penetration Bomb / 貫通ボム

Bomb blasts will now penetrate through soft blocks.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

Allows you to kick bombs by walking into them. Press the X Button to stop a bomb while it's moving.

Punch / ポンチ

Allows you to punch bombs by pressing the Y Button while standing next to them. [#FAR FAR DO THEY FLY]

Push / プッシュ

Press the Y Button to push forward 1 tile; you can push other Bombermen, preferrably into explosions or hazards.

Power Glove / パワーグローヴ

Press the A Button while on top of a bomb to pick it up;

Bomb Pass / ボム通過

Allows you to walk through bombs.

Block Pass / ブロック通過

Allows you to walk through soft blocks.

Heart / ハート

Normal Game only. Allows you to survive 1 attack.

1UP / ワンアップ

Grants the player an extra life.

Cage / オリ

Normal Game only. Destroying a cage will free a support Bomber, who will wander the stage and try to assist you by bombing soft blocks and enemies.

Time / タイム

Normal Game only. Freezes all enemies (and the timer) for 16 seconds. Touching frozen enemies will still harm you, though.

Egg / タマゴ

Spawns a creature that Bomberman can ride. See Eggs section for details.ow.

Bonus Items / ボーナスアイテム

Normal Game only. Awards you points.

200 points

800 points

800 points

1000 points

1000 points

1200 points

2000 points

10000 points

Select Item / セレクトアイテム

Cycles through a variety of items, requiring timing to get the one you want. Can give you one of the following: Bomb Up, Penetration Bomb, Fire Up, Full Fire, Speed Up, Heart, Block Pass, Bomb Pass, and Bomb Kick.

Cosplay / コスプレ

Transforms your character into either Honey or Kotetsu. This allows you to survive 1 attack, but during this period you can only move, lay bombs and use the Bomb Kick; all other abilities are inaccessible.

Skull / ドクロ

Battle Game only. Curses the player with a random hindering ailment. Touching another player can spread the curse.

Collecting an egg will spawn a creature for the player to ride on. Each creature has a unique trait or special ability that can be used with the Y Button. The creature also serves as an extra hit-point; if the creature is defeated, the player will still be alive and gain a short period of temporary invincibility.

Eggs come in organic and mechanical flavours. If you are riding a creature, you can tow up to two eggs of the same type behind you. If your current creature dies, you will automatically hop on one of your spare eggs. The towed eggs are invincible to enemy collisions, but can still be destroyed by bomb blasts.
In Normal Game, eggs only spawn from specific enemies when defeated (see the World pages under Normal Game). In Battle Game, eggs can be found in soft blocks like any other item.

Trikeradops / トリケラドプス

All bombs become Penetration Bombs.

Angora / アンゴラー

Allows the player to pass through soft blocks.

Swim / スイム

Can zoom forward at max speed by pressing the Y Button.

Haguhagu / ハグハグ

Pressing the Y Button will destroy all soft blocks on the map.

Crazy Balloon / クレイジーバルーン

Allows the player to pass through bombs.

Bobo / ボーボー

Grants the player a Full Fire while riding.

Dogun Jr. / ドグーンJr.

Grants the rider a Bomb Kick.

Ponpon / ポンポン

Grants the rider a Punch ability.

Daruman / ダルマン

Increases movement speed to maximum.

Dancing Clown / ダンシングピエロ

Press the Y Button to fire a projectile, momentarily stunning enemies on impact.

Tank Bomb / タンクボン

Press the Y Button to fire a projectile, slowing enemies' movement on impact.

Gamefry / ガメフライ

Press the Y Button to make the steed fly forward and perform an explosive kamikaze attack.

Pakkunga / パックンガー

Grants the rider a Line Bomb.

For level data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:
Primeval Era Edo Era Modern Era Super Future Subspace

In certain stages of the Normal Game there are warps that will carry players to a Bonus Stage. They are locked behind walls of hard blocks, and can only be accessed in 2-player mode by throwing your partner over using the Power Glove. Entering a Bonus Stage will automatically complete the stage you are on.
You are given 30 seconds to collect as many items as possible, though are often hindered by a gimmick of some sort. Once time is up or you use the exit, players are returned to the next stage.

[there's MORE bonus stages?! info and data coming whenever]

Bonus Stage I


Bonus Stage B


Bonus Stage D


Bonus Stage C


Bonus Stage A


Details on the Battle Mode can be found here.

Stage passwords

Stage 1-1 7352 Stage 2-1 7793
Stage 1-2 8831 Stage 2-2 6428
Stage 1-3 7255 Stage 2-3 8492
Stage 1-4 5714 Stage 2-4 7490
Stage 1-5 5289 Stage 2-5 4270
Stage 1-6 1352 Stage 2-6 6682
Stage 1-7 6892 Stage 2-7 4677
Stage 1-8 6722 Stage 2-8 4692
Stage 3-1 4680 Stage 4-1 5389
Stage 3-2 2247 Stage 4-2 4080
Stage 3-3 5725 Stage 4-3 2501
Stage 3-4 7821 Stage 4-4 5736
Stage 3-5 5890 Stage 4-5 3211
Stage 3-6 7258 Stage 4-6 5589
Stage 3-7 3379 Stage 4-7 8902
Stage 3-8 6009 Stage 4-8 0721
Stage 5-1 3703
Stage 5-2 2679
Stage 5-3 2479
Stage 5-4 4792
Stage 5-5 6790
Stage 5-6 1574

start on world fully powered

These password will start you on the respective world with the following item loadout: 7 Bomb Ups, 9 Fire Ups, 5 Speed Ups, Remote Control, Bomb Kick, Power Glove, Punch, Push and Block Pass.

Stage 1 1019
Stage 2 1222
Stage 3 1107
Stage 4 0827
Stage 5 0107

Unlock Battle Group 2, 3 & 4

Battle Group 2: 4622

Battle Group 3: 0520

Battle Group 4: 0903

Entering these passwords will remix Battle Stages 1 through 10, altering their layouts, gimmicks and available items.

disable ability side-effect

Entering 5656 will disable the slow-down period whenever a Bomber Shittenou player uses their ability in Battle Game.


Entering 1009 as a password will take you straight to the ending and credits.

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