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where can I watch this?

Manga Entertainment released a video in both the UK and United States, each with its own unique dub - the UK dub uses the same crew as other Manga UK dubs such as Cyber City Oedo 808 and Dominion Tank Police, whereas the US dub uses the Ocean Group, best known for the likes of Gundam Wing, Beast Wars and more. That means Scott McNeil (Proto Man! Ken Masters! Lord Raptor!) voices Ganbachi. That means everyone in the world has a valid reason to watch this.

Unfortunately, Manga lost the rights to Ultimate Teacher and don't even acknowledge ever publishing it. To my knowledge, it's never been released on DVD in Japan either (it might have a Laserdisc release but that'd involve researching so screw that); there's a bootleg DVD on eBay with both the US dub and the Japanese dub, which is probably the only way we'll ever see it nowadays. The information page contains the English dubs for download, the UK one courtesy of me! You folks better be grateful.

Amazon US: VHS

Amazon UK: VHS