Super Bomberman 3


The goal of each stage is to recover a Computer Chip, found in a large conspicuous capsule. The capsule (or exit) cannot be opened until all core mechanisms are destroyed. Some core mechanisms are simply on the ground, while some are on the backs of enemies, in which case the enemy needs destroyed first to access it.

Each stage gives you 3 minutes to complete it; if the timer runs out, it's the same as losing a life.
Alongside the usual items hidden in soft blocks, there are eggs. Collecting an egg will grant Bomberman a Louie to ride on. See the Louies section for details.
You can also play the Normal Game in 2-player co-operative mode; White and Black Bomber must work together to complete each stage. Just watch those bombs!

After completing a stage or world, you are free to revisit them at any time on the stage select screen. Revisited stages play exactly the same, but with no core mechanisms - the exit will always be open. Once the boss of World 5 is defeated, stages cannot be revisited.
After all stages are complete, a boss is fought. They require multiple hits to defeat. After the boss is defeated, you can progress to the next area.

There are 6 stages with 4 areas in each, bar the final stage. There are 21 areas in total, some with multiple screens.


Control Pad Move the player.
B Button Detonate remote bombs.
A Button Lays a bomb.
Y Button Use Louie's ability.
X Button Stop a kicked bomb.
START Button Pause the game.

Item names in brackets are from the English manual. Items tagged with a * are lost upon losing a life.

Bomb / 爆弾 (Extra Bomb)

Increases bomb stock by 1. Maximum of 8.

Fire / ファイヤー (Extra Fire Power)

Increases bomb blast radius by 1 tile. Maximum of 6.

Full Fire / フルファイヤー (Maximum Explosion)

Increases bomb blast radius to maximum.

Roller Shoes / ローラーシューズ (Accelerator)

Increases movement speed. Maximum of 9.

Geta / ゲタ (Clog)

Decreases movement speed.

Bomb Kick* / ボムキック (Kick)

Allows you to kick bombs by walking into them.

Power Glove* / パワーグローヴ

Allows player to pick up bombs by holding the A Button atop of them, and throwing 3 tiles ahead by releasing the button. If the bomb lands on an item, that item will be erased.

Boyoyon Bomb* / ゴム爆弾 (Slime Bomb)

Rubbery, jelly-like bombs; if kicked, they'll bounce back the way they came upon hitting an obstacle. If thrown, they'll bounce around erratically before settling.

Power Bomb* / パワーボム

The first bomb laid becomes a Power Bomb, which has maximum blast radius.

Penetration Bomb* (Super Bomb)

Bomb blasts will now penetrate through items and soft blocks.

Remote Control* / リモコン

Bombs can now be detonated at any time by pressing the B Button.

Bomb Pass* / 爆弾通過 (Bomb Passer)

Allows the player to walk through bombs.

Block Pass* / 壁通過 (Block Passer)

Allows the player to walk through soft blocks.

Time / 時計 (Clock)

Normal Game only. Freezes all enemies (and the timer) for 16 seconds.

Fireproof Suit / 無敵スーツ

Normal Game only. Renders the player invincible for 16 seconds.

Heart / ハート

Normal Game only. Allows the player to survive 1 attack.

1UP / ワン アップ

Normal Game only. Awards the player an extra life.

Apple / リ

Normal Game only. Worth 200 points.

Ice Cream / アイスクリーム

Normal Game only. Worth 1000 points.

Egg / タ

Spawns a Louie for the player to ride upon. See below for more info.

Skull / ドクロ

Battle Game only. Inflicts the player with a random curse. The curse is permanent, and can only be removed by passing it to another player by touching them, or collecting any other item (which will eject the Skull item back onto the field). Ailments include:

Collecting an egg will spawn a Louie for Bomberman to ride upon. These colourful companions can serve as an extra hit-point - getting hit will kill the Louie but leave Bomberman unscathed, with 1 second of temporary invincibility.
Louies come in five varieties, each with a unique ability that can be used by pressing the Y Button.

Green Louie / グリーンルーイ

Can dash forward at an uncontrollable speed and will only stop upon collision with an object.

Pink Louie / ピンクルーイ

Can jump. Press the button to jump straight up, or hold a direction and jump to leap two tiles forward, over soft blocks and bombs.

Blue Louie / ブルールーイ

Can kick bombs into the air 3 tiles ahead, over soft blocks. It will bounce across blocks until it finds a place to land.

Yellow Louie / イエロールーイ

Can kick soft blocks forward. If a block hits a line of blocks, the last block of that line will also be propelled forward.

Brown Louie / ブラウンルーイ

Can use the Line Bomb ability - press Y to lay all your bombs forward in a row.

For level data, maps and boss hints, see the following pages:

Swamp Attack


Deep Sea




Start on world fully powered

Entering any of these passwords will start you on the first level of that world with 7 Bomb Ups, 6 Fire Ups, 9 Speed Ups, Bomb Kick, Power Glove and Remote Control items.

World 1 0704
World 2 3200
World 3 2711
World 4 3870
World 5 4501
World 6 0606
Final Boss 3104

Unlock Battle Stages 11 & 12

On the title screen, keep tapping the X Button for around 6 seconds (or, for best results, use the middle turbo-toggle on a Hudson Super Joy Card controller!). A Louie sound will play if performed correctly. Stages 11 and 12 in Battle Game are now accessible. (these stages are exempt from the Battle Group variations below)

Unlock Battle Group 2, 3 & 4

Battle Group 2: 4622

Battle Group 3: 1616

Battle Group 4: 3194
Entering these passwords will remix Battle Stages 1 through 10, altering their layouts, gimmicks and available items.

Golden Bomber

Enter 5656 on the password screen. Whoever wins in Battle Game is now given a nifty golden tint! This does not work in Tag Match, though.

Unlock COM Level 4

Enter 1511 on the password screen. You can now battle even tougher CPU opponents in Battle Game!
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