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UPDATE – Random Action Hour

Siege is up. It’s not quite as good as I remember, but it ain’t a bad episode. Today’s observation: I liked the weather more when it made people miserable.

Planet Terror!

Survival is today’s Cadillacs And Dinosaurs episode. We’re getting ever so close to the conclusion! I watched Planet Terror last night. I was actually quite happy to just sit down and watch Theodore Rex, but padre suggested this one and I could hardly accept anything else once the decision was made. It’s Planet freakin’ Terror!

Elektra is better than Batman Begins

Mind Over Matter is up on Random Action Hour. Thursday night is movie night, and I decided to watch Elektra. I didn’t really put much thought into the decision.

Let’s watch Iron Man again!

Random Action Hour is updated with another Cadillacs & Dinosaurs episode, Wildfire. It’s not a bad watch, but recapping it is a bit of a slog because the plot is literally just “they move – there’s an obstacle – Hammer is an idiot – repeat” for about twenty minutes. On Thursday night I decided to […]

UPDATE – Random Action Hour

Man, I guess if people are actually using the RSS tracking thing I might need to keep them up to date! The blog’s not even officially accessible yet (though it’d hardly take a blind pigeon to find this) and already it’s getting a few dozen hits. Why isn’t anything I do ever a surprise anymore? […]