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ONM Remembered – #444

“HAVE A VERY MERRY CRISTMAS” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 148 (January 2005)

ONM Remembered – #433

“Dom grasps the basketball tightly and sets himself up for the mother of all slam dunks. Leaping gazelle-like from the court, Dom aims his hands towards the basket. You should been there – it was just like poetry in motion.” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 117 (June 2002)

ONM Remembered – #412

“Dom watches in misery as the errant skateboard rolls away, leaving him looking rather foolish.” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 116 (May 2002)

ONM Remembered – #407

“I love Breetish laydeez.” from N64 Magazine issue 23 (December 1998)

ONM Remembered – #400

“This month we were struck on the heads by a GoldenEye 007 cartridge.” from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

ONM Remembered – #396

“When Alison the Publisher walked in two days before this issue had to be at the printers and asked why we were playing deathmatch GoldenEye 007 when we still had half the magazine to write, I removed a grille on the wall, slipped through the hole into the ventilation duct beyond, and hid there till […]

ONM Remembered – #370

“To triumph at a game. Any game, you understand. I’m really not fussy.” from N64 Magazine issue 13 (March 1998)

ONM Remembered – #366

“Turok 2 on the Gameboy is a different game unto itself, but just as fun as the Nintendo64 and PC versions!” from Acclaim’s Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide (by Jeff Gomez and Evan Skolnick)

ONM Remembered – #348

“I reckon it’s a type of South American dance involving fruit.” from N64 Magazine issue 11 (January 1998)

ONM Remembered – #318

“You’ll never meet a more heroic band of game reviewers than these fellows.” from N64 Magazine issue 8 (November 1997)

ONM Remembered – #285

“I think I’d make a very fine owl. Twit-twoo, twit-twoo.” from N64 Magazine issue 14 (April 1998)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 7

“What would 64 Magazine’s illustrious staff look like rendered in manga form?” from 64 Magazine volume 9 (1998)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 6

“Being a simple lad, Jes got far too excited over his Beedrill foil. “It’s real silver!” he cried. We kicked him in the face.” from N64 Magazine issue 41 (May 2000)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 5

“We’re sure you’ll agree that the mag’s looking hotter than Buffy after an hour-long, leather-clad vampire-slaying mission!” from Nintendo Pro issue 33 (2000)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 4

“We caught Paul writing his Christmas list for Santa. It just said “1. A Pot Noodle”, and that was it.” from N64 Magazine issue 10 (December 1997)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 3

“New Year’s High Resolution: sneak references to expensive clothing companies into the reviews in an attempt to get some freebies” from N64 Pro issue 4 (February 1998)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 2

“What lurks in the mind of the 64 Magazine crew?” from 64 Magazine volume 7 (1997)

ONM Remembered – Staff Week, day 1

“It isn’t worth buying any other magazines!” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 91 (April 2000), issue 92 (May 2000) and issue 104 (May 2001)

ONM Remembered – #269

“Thanks to: Viruses which leave only one person in the world, WCW fans, Adrian Weston, fair and frank discussion” from N64 Pro issue 6 (April 1998)

ONM Remembered – #158

“If I were a Bond villain I’d be…” from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 122 (November 2002)