ONM Remembered – #396

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“When Alison the Publisher walked in two days before this issue had to be at the printers and asked why we were playing deathmatch GoldenEye 007 when we still had half the magazine to write, I removed a grille on the wall, slipped through the hole into the ventilation duct beyond, and hid there till she’d gone away again.”

from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

An exciting day in the life of N64 Magazine editor cum British secret agent Jonathan Davies. That’s not a photo edit, that’s the real deal; his hands really are that smooth. You try to shake his hand and your grip just slips right off. As far as idiosyncratic weaknesses go, it’s not an easy one to exploit for an ironic death or to make quips about. “Looks like you gave me the slip” was only funny the first time he heard it.

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