ONM Remembered – #438

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“Don’t get Kirby too close to the edge or he’ll fall to his doom. Move the GBA!”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 110 (November 2001)

Yet another segment from ONM’s lengthy hyped-up GameCube preview, this time attempting to demonstrate the exciting possibilities of your Game Boy interacting with a big boy console, hopefully in more ways than just exchanging Pok√©mon! Like exchanging Chao! Visiting a secret island where you can uncover rare and exotic fruit and furniture! And… a game that would never see release!
(aren’t we overdue a redo of Koro Koro Kirby, especially now that the Wii U has all that tech built-in?)

There’s something inherently endearing about the idea of cross-communication between consoles and handhelds, but the disparity in power and sheer inconvenience of connecting them kinda sank it, I thought – that and I can’t remember any examples that felt like a worthwhile use of my time. It’s actually frustrating that most hardware nowadays has built-in wireless communication – even your bloody refridgerator! – and yet we don’t see this sort of thing anymore? The closest we have are “companion apps” that the best response I can give them is, “oh, isn’t that cute? BUT IT’S WRONG

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