ONM Remembered – Wallop Week, day 7

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“Still, all the best games filch the best elements from films, and Mace’s character design is no exception. Well, at least they left the ‘Knights Who Say Nee’ out. Thankfully.”

from N64 Magazine issue 9 (December 1997)

The last of this week’s fighting game guff, because half the fun of these reviews is extrapolating what they’re like based purely off how cool the screenshots and page design are. Based purely off the first paragraph of Jes Bickham’s colourful review, I’m convinced Mace: The Dark Age is more a playa than a game.
(i’m sorry)

The usual schedule resumes on Tuesday, and with the subject matter no longer limited to fighting games, I might actually be faintly familiar with the content for once! Or not. Half the writing in this column is talking out of my ass, let’s face it, and when has that ever stopped me?

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