ONM Remembered – Wallop Week, day 6

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“But unlike the bizarre Oozumo, this doesn’t feature fat lard-ased, pony tailed, pampers wearing, slap-happy, hippo-like mountains (the kind that made Gazza’s mate Jimmy Five Bellies look like Twiggy).”

from N64 Pro issue 6 (April 1998)

Yet another wrasslin’ feature, this time from the land of the rising sun in the form of New Japan Pro Wrestling: Tohkon Road Brave Spirits! I, er, have as much to say about it as reviewer Noely does. I’m faintly familiar with some of these names thanks to a wrestle-mad pal (and his rad custom sprite collection was a great help pegging names to faces), but I confess I’m disappointed the in-game graphics are realistically proportioned and not the chibi little ruffians depicted in the illustrations. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, if every sports game’s artstyle depicted the characters as chubby little dwarves I’d be set for life.

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