ONM Remembered – Wallop Week, day 1

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“He’s got a scar on his face, so by the Hollywood rule of facial deformity he’s obviously a bad’un. Even if he does dress like a hotel valet.”

from 64 Magazine volume 10 (1998)

Another tantalising fighting game review from 64 Magazine, this time it’s… Art of Fighting for Nintendo 64?! No, silly, it’s Hiryu no Ken Twin, which saw an English release as Flying Dragon.

This was always one of the niftiest looking fighting games, essentially packing in two different modes: a straight-faced version and a cutesy chibi fighter with bizarre RPG features, stat-building and other weird inclusions. For a scrub who’s never gotten a handle on fighting games, dumb add-ons like that really sell a game I’d obviously have zero competence in! (also making the sumo wrestler a ridiculous robot gorilla was an inventive way of getting around the fact that nobody willingly chooses the sumo fighter)

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