ONM Remembered – #288

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“Try to remember that the baggage limit is something stupid like 25kg so you won’t be able to take away any cute Japanese shop assistants in videogame outfits.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 07 (September 2006)

As neat as it is to see features on exclusive trinkets from Japan, it loses its luster when read in an age where most of these are instantly accessible via convenient online shopping. You can find most of these on eBay for somewhat reasonable prices – or bootlegs for even more reasonable prices!

The feature does have the courtesy to warn you that this stuff is either going to sit on a shelf or become uninteresting after a couple of years. Boy, I’ll say! It’s a little depressing to sink three-figure sums on a toy colleting hobby, forfeiting many offers to attend parties because I just had to snipe that one late-night auction… only to find myself forgetting about it the moment it’s on my shelf. It was a great thrill while it lasted and I made a good few pals out of the shared hobby, but I just don’t have the collector’s mentality… though those little Animal Crossing figurines do look mighty tempting.

The feature also has the gall to say nobody will be impressed with your tiny, poorly-painted figurines of King of Fighters characters. Well, obviously your pals aren’t cool enough to appreciate their splendour. Get better friends.

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