ONM Remembered – #279

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“Did you know? Merseyside team Liverpool FC are the most successful club in Britain, although they are yet to win the Premiership.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 123 (December 2002)

This curious little feature began appearing after ONM’s 2002 revamp: Q&A UK. Readers seeking support and game tips could write to the mag’s top men for an answer, who would also have a bit of fun with the enquirer’s location: quizzing their local game store on upcoming releases, and… offering historical geographic facts.

Bizarre page-filling aside, I guess the section just felt a little surplus to requirements to me. The revamp already established an Official Tips section, two pages for reader-submitted tips, and even an “SMS Tips Service” to have EXCLUSIVE TIPS messaged directly to your mobile phone! Was there simply not enough reader-submitted queries to fill two pages? Just the year before it felt like the magazine was swamped in hapless gamers seeking support.

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