ONM Remembered – #240

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“It’s even got giant robot Goemon Impact in it!”

from 64 Magazine volume 9 (1998)

Holy smokes there was a Goemon anime!?!?!?
A lot of my exposure to video game media came from Nintendo magazines, and I had nigh-zero chances of seeing them in person. Sure, I’d heard there was a Donkey Kong cartoon, but I didn’t have the channels it was broadcast on; its title in the RadioTimes served only to taunt me. Even the Donkey Kong Country action figures I only stumbled across in a Spanish airport around 2005, and found nowhere else (who had even heard of them, for that matter?). It was almost reassuring to read about a Ganbare Goemon TV series and know it would never, ever, not in a million years, reach our shores… but gosh darn if I wasn’t any less excited about it!!!!

And then it miraculously(?) came out on DVD anyway. I still haven’t watched it. I’d like to think its memory will remain more magical that way, though I could very well be denying myself decent fodder for Random Action Hour.

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