ONM Remembered – #216

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“Answers that begin with the letter S will be instantly binned to preserve the gene pool!”

from 64 Magazine volume 9 (2nd January 1998)

Some amusing little bits from 64 Magazine. Those keychains look really nifty, and if it weren’t for the fact every keychain I’ve ever owned has been scratched and scuffed to high heaven, I’d love to have one. Unfortunately, what was once sold for £8 now sells for $60 on Amazon USA. Thanks for being entrepreneurs, fuckers!

At the bottom is a quick look at a few Japanese gaming mags, though it’s nothing we haven’t heard of before… except for Anal Man, that is. Having quickly glanced at his Wikipedia entry, he’s apparently a superhero with the power to pull weapons out of his asshole. I don’t know about you, but I think I was a happier man before I knew that.

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